Tuesday, 27 January 2015


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  • Fears of Fresh Sanctions Hit Russian Ruble

    23:34 | 26/1/15
    Wall Street Journal
    The threat crowns a wide range of factors that have already hit the Russian currency. By 0930 GMT, the ruble had fallen 2.1% to 65.6 against the dollar and shed 2.4% to 73.8 versus the euro, while the price of Brent crude had also declined 2%. more»
  • Ask an Expert: Tips for Expats Dealing With Swiss Franc Turmoil

    23:30 | 26/1/15
    Wall Street Journal (blog)
    We asked Jonathan Lachowitz of White Lighthouse Investment Management about how to approach the surprising decision by the SNB to remove the cap on the Swiss franc's strength against the euro. Send your expat finance questions to expat@wsj.com or ... more»
  • Hong Kong''s Exchange Fund Feels the Pain of Strong Dollar

    22:45 | 26/1/15
    The Hong Kong Exchange Fund, which backs the territory's currency, posted an investment gain of 43.6 billion Hong Kong dollars ($5.62 billion), down 46% from HK$81.2 billion in 2013, the de facto central bank said Monday. The investment return for the ... more»
  • Politics in Croatia Prevailed Over Reason

    22:33 | 26/1/15
    Up to the time when was the housing boom in the beginning of the 2000s, the exchange rate of the franc to the Croatian kuna was very low - around 5 kunas per franc. On 21 January, the exchange rate exceeded the value of the euro in Croatia - 7.70 kunas ... more»
  • Poland Mulls Converting Swiss Franc Loans to Zlotys

    22:33 | 26/1/15
    Wall Street Journal
    WARSAW—The Polish government is working on plans to convert Swiss franc mortgage loans owned by Polish borrowers into zlotys to reduce private debt and foreign-currency exposure, passing the cost of the operation onto banks, the prime minister said ... more»
  • EM currency boost seen as euro weakens

    22:00 | 26/1/15
    Financial Times
    The fall in the euro's value has already been substantial. The single currency has dropped nearly 8 per cent this year against the dollar and is down 17 per cent in the past six months, as investors have increasingly priced in the probability that the ... more»
  • Russian Ruble Tumbles After Violent Weekend in East Ukraine

    21:48 | 26/1/15
    ABC News
    The ruble tumbled to 65.8 to the dollar early Monday from 63.7 on opening, after Western leaders announced that they were considering further punitive measures against Russia for what they say is its role in supporting the separatists in eastern Ukraine. more»
  • Car sales on decline in Kazakhstan

    21:48 | 26/1/15
    Times of Central Asia (subscription)
    Car sales in 2014 were affected by the introduction of new technical regulations of the Customs Union (in the beginning of last year), devaluation of the national currency (the tenge) in February 2014, the situation in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions ... more»
  • Euro to Pound Sterling (EUR/GBP) Exchange Rate Forecast: Euro Gains on ...

    21:48 | 26/1/15
    Euro Exchange Rate News
    The Euro to Pound Sterling (EUR/GBP) exchange rate recovered around 0.3% as the European session progressed on Monday and Germany published encouraging IFO reports. more»
  • Russian Ruble Falls After Tensions Flare Over Ukraine

    21:37 | 26/1/15
    The Moscow Times
    The Russian ruble fell sharply on opening on Monday, following a weekend of violence in eastern Ukraine and threats of further Western sanctions against Russia. more»
  • 419 - the World of the Nigerian Fraudster

    21:04 | 26/1/15
    In the newspapers and the internet everyday, stories are read of Nigerians of all ages who wreak the life of other Nigerians and foreigners through the advance fee fraud running into millions of Naira, Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros. Scammers have ... more»
  • Australian gold producers benefit from price rebound and weaker dollar

    20:30 | 26/1/15
    Sydney Morning Herald
    But just as important from the Australian producers' perspective, is the Australian dollar's 14 per cent fall against the US dollar in the past six months. more»