Sunday, 22 January 2017


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  • Vietnamese govt allows citizens to gamble in casinos

    04:49 | 22/1/17
    Global Times
    Under a new decree recently issued by the Vietnamese government, Vietnamese people aged 21 onward with a monthly income of at least 10 million Vietnamese dong (446 US dollars) will be allowed to gamble in casinos in Vietnam. Eligible people will be ... more»
  • Anticipated growth in Egyptian exports after pound's flotation

    03:40 | 22/1/17
    Daily News Egypt
    Exporters are anticipating a growth in the value of Egyptian exports over the upcoming period, especially after the devaluation of the Egyptian pound by more than 100%, which gave Egyptian products a competitive price advantage in international markets. more»
  • Dad's gruesome infection has left him with these shocking injuries after he ...

    03:36 | 22/1/17
    A famous humanitarian monk from Bangkok, Bhin, persuaded monks in Chahaengsao, Thailand, to fund an oxygen machine for Manakate. He also donated 20,000 Thai baht (about £500) to help with general expenses as the state pension in the nation is the ... more»
  • DFB rubberstamps decision to bid for Euro finals in 2024

    03:06 | 22/1/17
    Times of Malta
    The German football association (DFB) board yesterday voted unanimously in favour of the country's long-planned bid to host Euro 2024. The DFB, which announced its intention to bid for the continental tournament several years ago, said it would hand in ... more»
  • Vietnam to upgrade southern intl airport

    02:59 | 22/1/17
    ... the airports authorities said Saturday. The airport is now overloaded, serving 28 million passengers annually. According to the plan, the airport will be upgraded in three years at investment of 19,700 billion Vietnamese dong (879 million U.S ... more»
  • Big Mac Index: How The SA Rand Is Massively Undervalued

    02:54 | 22/1/17
    The Big Mac index , which is an initiative created by The Economist, said the SA rand is seriously undervalued, currently trading at R13.55 to the dollar, when it should be less than half that. more»
  • IMF says Egyptian pound at 'genuine equilibrium' after float

    02:01 | 22/1/17
    The pound is trading at a “genuine equilibrium exchange rate, in the sense that as many people want to sell foreign exchange as buy foreign exchange,” said Chris Jarvis, the IMF's mission chief to Egypt, after the fund released details of the $12 ... more»
  • Unique currency can destroy EU economy, countries must have chance to leave ...

    01:50 | 22/1/17
    A unique currency is an instrument capable of destroying the EU economy, and countries should be able to leave the euro if they want, leader of the French National Front (FN) Marine Le Pen said at a gathering of Europe's right-wing parties in Germany. more»
  • Thai police nab 'Asean drug lord' who supplied drugs to Malaysia, Singapore

    00:22 | 22/1/17
    New Straits Times Online
    The authorities, he added, seized 14 land plots, 14 luxury cars, gold accessories and cash money in Thai Baht and US Dollar totalling 100 million Baht (RM12.8 million). more»
  • Old Town of Osijek to Receive 50m Kuna Restoration

    22:38 | 21/1/17
    Total Croatia News
    The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds has granted a total of 380 million kuna from the European Fund for regional development for the implementation of projects that contribute to the restoration and protection of Croatian cultural heritage. more»
  • Thai exports to be dented only slightly

    22:26 | 21/1/17
    Bangkok Post
    Thai exports may see a net loss of 16 billion baht, or around 0.2% of the total this year. After the inauguration on Friday, US President Donald Trump may exercise restricted power to curb trade deficits without Congress approval. more»
  • British Pound Clings to 'Flash Crash' Range Ahead of UK/US GDP Report

    14:36 | 21/1/17
    GBP/USD may continue to face range-bound conditions ahead of the 'Brexit' deadline as Prime Minister Theresa May pushes for a clean break from the European Union (EU), but the bearish sentiment surrounding the British Pound may subside over the ... more»