Saturday, 19 April 2014

North America

North America Snapshot
Nasdaq Composite4,0804,1104,0654,09690.23%
S&P 5001,8621,8701,8571,86530.14%
DJ Industrial Average16,42416,46016,36816,409160.10%
VALUE LINE INDEX4,3864,4144,3764,405160.37%
TSX COMPOSITE INDEX14,44714,50914,42414,500540.37%
Russell 2000 Index1,1301,1411,1271,13860.54%
Latest News
  • BP oil spill: scientists struggling to understand effects four years later

    11:15 | 19/4/14
    The Times-Picayune
    Under the federal Oil Pollution Act, several federal agencies, the Gulf Coast states and BP are required to complete a “Natural Resource Damage Assessment” that determines the environmental damage caused by the spill and the effects of that damage on ... more»
  • Judge rejects American Airlines' bid to cut retiree benefits

    10:38 | 19/4/14
    Buffalo News
    AMR filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2011 and emerged last December as American Airlines Group Inc. after merging with US Airways. more»
  • A Discount on Muni Funds

    10:37 | 19/4/14
    Wall Street Journal
    Many closed-end funds that own municipal bonds can be bought at a discount to the value of their assets, an opportunity for investors who are willing to wager that interest rates don't soar and fiscal meltdowns such as the one in Detroit remain rare ... more»
  • SpaceX Making Easter Delivery of Station Supplies

    10:30 | 19/4/14
    NASA decided late this week to use the gasket-like material already on board the space station for the repair, instead of waiting for the Dragon and the new, precision-cut material that NASA rushed on board for the computer swap. Astronauts trimmed ... more»
  • Super Mario rushes to the rescue, this time against deflation

    10:30 | 19/4/14
    The Globe and Mail
    Three countries - Greece, Ireland and Portugal - had been bailed out and Spain was negotiating a €100-billion ($152-billion) bank rescue, effectively a backdoor sovereign bailout. more»
  • 8 Million Sign-ups: Obamacare enrollments exceed expectations

    09:45 | 19/4/14
    According to Think Progress: “Just over two weeks ago, the administration announced that Obamacare enrollment had reached 7.1 million - surpassing expectations after's rocky rollout in October. .... In recognizing the power and ... more»
  • What's Changed (and What Hasn't Changed) for People With Infertility in the ...

    09:11 | 19/4/14
    Huffington Post
    In the 25 years since then, technology has evolved and the Internet has emerged. Medical advances have ... Vicki Baldwin, President and Chief Executive Officer, In Vitro Sciences, Inc.; Senior Vice President, Women's Health USA. "While I think the ... more»
  • INVESTMENT EXTRA: Chinese reform is set to benefit investors in the longer term

    09:11 | 19/4/14
    This is Money
    Meanwhile Howard Wang, manager of the JPMorgan Greater China fund, is interested in technology-related companies such as Macau Gaming, and the growing renewable energy sector. more»
  • For rapid growth, Africa is the new China

    09:11 | 19/4/14
    The Globe and Mail
    ... of risk and reward, emerging markets have been dragged down by their slowing economic growth. Many strategists suggest investors forget about emerging markets for now and instead put money in developed economies like the United States and Europe. more»
  • Something Fishy Has Happened At Amazon Over The Last 2 Years

    08:25 | 19/4/14
    Huffington Post
    Such arrangements have drawn fire from politicians on both sides of the Atlantic as well as citizens struggling with higher personal taxes and cutbacks in state services imposed to pay for the financial crisis. more»
  • Strobel will chair UI presidential search

    08:14 | 19/4/14
    Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
    The trustees are: Strobel, trustee since 2009 and former executive vice president of Exelon Corp.; Ricardo Estrada, trustee since 2011 who received his MBA from the Chicago campus and is now president and chief executive officer of Metropolitan Family ... more»
  • First Coast Gears: Exploring hundreds of classic rides in Fruit Cove

    08:13 | 19/4/14
    Florida Times-Union
    ... meanwhile, wanted to blend the classic look of his 1977 Trans Am Special Edition, featured in the legendary car chase movie Smokey and the Bandit, with today's looks and performance. more»
  • Biogen Idec prices its newly approved hemophilia drug

    07:55 | 19/4/14
    Boston Globe
    The “wholesale acquisition cost” of Alprolix -- an estimate of the price paid by bulk purchasers -- is $2.85 per international unit. While the cost is higher than the $1.19 charged by rival Pfizer Inc. for the leading competing drug, Benefix ... more»
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