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Daily Market Report
for 29/05/2015
Euro-Area Confidence Holds Steady as Greece Flirts With Default
28 May 2015 21:11 Bloomberg
Euro-area economic confidence remained near a four-year high this month, a sign the recovery is shaking off concerns related to Greece and the risk of default.  more...
Greece wants to stay in the euro - but that won't be enough to stop a Grexit
29 May 2015 02:25 Business Insider
But most of the people in Greece seem to want to keep the euro, even if the cost is prolonged further austerity. Polls show that even when a return to the Drachma is compared to staying in the eurozone and accepting another strict set of austerity ...  more...
US dollar hits over 12-year high against Japanese yen; Chinese yuan strengthens
28 May 2015 16:07 South China Morning Post (subscription)
The yuan, on the other hand, strengthened against the greenback after posting loses for four straight trading days, even after the People's Bank of China set the benchmark midpoint rate at a stronger level of 6.1202 against the dollar. The onshore yuan ...  more...
Asia stocks down as Greece deadline looms, Shanghai sinks
28 May 2015 18:33 U.S. News & World Report
FILE - In this Oct. 2, 2014 file photo, people pass a Wall Street subway stop, in New York's Financial District. U.S. stocks rose modestly in late morning trading Wednesday, May 27, 2015, recovering part of a steep loss from the day before.  more...
Greek exit from the euro a 'possibility', says Lagarde
29 May 2015 06:22 Financial Times
“A Greek exit is a possibility,” Christine Lagarde told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, adding that it would be “no stroll” but also that it would definitely not mean the end of the euro. Ms Lagarde's admission came as the IMF ...  more...
Share market, Australian dollar fall after ABS report predicts investment fall
28 May 2015 20:15 ABC Online
The share market and the dollar both lost ground on Thursday after the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released weak business investment figures.  more...
Swiss franc surge hits Austrian mortgage holders -central bank
29 May 2015 01:52 Reuters
VIENNA May 28 The Swiss franc's surge this year has sharply widened the gap between what Austrian households owe for mortgages in the Swiss currency and what they have saved up to repay them at maturity, the Austrian National Bank said on Thursday.  more...
Is The Swiss Franc A Good Investment?
29 May 2015 08:03 Investopedia
The U.S. dollar remains the primary and most trusted reserve currency, but the Swiss franc has also emerged as one the best alternatives.  more...
Polish bank PKO holds onto dividend to cover Swiss franc lending
28 May 2015 22:18 Reuters
But the regulator, KNF, has asked banks with significant portfolios of Swiss franc-denominated loans to withhold dividends, after a surge in the value of the Swiss currency.  more...
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