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The New Zealand Investment Game

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The New Zealand Investment Game
The New Zealand Investment Game
"The smart way to financial independence." Serious Fun!

The New Zealand Investment Game has been awarded the distinction of being the New Zealand Games Association’s “Best New Game” of 2009. Playing the game is the perfect way to hone financial literacy skills for those on their way to financial independence. It’s also brilliant for teaching children and grandchildren investment skills.

The game combines a traditional board approach with advanced technology. Computerised simulations provide realtime investing experiences including property auctions, mortgage switching, and even break fees for those who repay fixed term loans early!

Winner: Game of the Year 2009
- NZ Games Association

Each move is recorded as players traverse the board and make their investment decisions regarding shares, property, bank deposits, kiwisaver, and commodities. The winner is the one who accumulates the greatest wealth and printouts showing each player’s investment strategy can be generated.

The New Zealand Investment Game is perfect for games evenings and staff training purposes, as well as family fun. Progressive companies are snapping up the game as an incentive for their staff.

"Far more challenging and engaging than Monopoly…
As close to real investing as you can possibly get"
- Alistair Helm,

The NEW ZEALAND INVESTMENT GAME is a new way of learning about the investment markets. Developed by investment writer, Frank Newman, this is more than a game - its an investment market simulation and just like real-time investing, but you learn without risking your money! Within a few hours you will learn the very same techniques the super rich have used to build their fortunes. You will learn how to build a property empire like Donald Trump, invest in shares like Warren Buffett, or speculate on the derivative markets like George Soros.

Learn everything you need to know about investing in a fun and exciting way.

"Awesome! The best ever investment game!"
- Massey University Student

The game combines the traditional board game approach with the sophistication of a patented software package. No two games are the same and all of the paperwork is done for you, which gives you more time to get on with investing.

The software also tracks every investment a player makes and provides a detailed report that rates a players investment decisions using a patented formula.

Online updates mean you will always be playing with the very latest investment information and your software will be automatically updated with the very latest information. You can even create your own market models!

A must have for those serious about investing!

The INVESTMENT game is the complete package. Within a few short fun-filled hours you will learn a lifetime of investment experience, and it's crammed full of educational tips - you can even ask for advice from Frank!

Take part in auctions, learn when to buy and sell property, how to finance purchases, how to manage debt, when to use debt and when not to, how to recognise undervalued shares, how to increase your savings, learn about Kiwisaver and which fund to select, and much more.

If you are serious about investing, you MUST HAVE the NZ INVESTMENT GAME!