Friday, 29 May 2015

Currencies News

  • FXCM's Swiss Franc Losses Prompt Call for Tougher Currency Rules

    09:11 | 29/5/15
    The U.S. derivatives industry's front-line regulator wants retail currency dealers to face higher capital and risk-management standards after Swiss franc losses this year left a leading brokerage needing a $300 million rescue. Dealers would have to ... more»
  • Report sheds light on corporation borrowing

    08:26 | 29/5/15
    Fiji Times
    THE Fiji Sugar Corporation's loans with the Government totalling $173.8million at the end of May last year could be converted to equity funding, the 2014 FSC annual report stated. more»
  • Is The Swiss Franc A Good Investment?

    08:03 | 29/5/15
    The U.S. dollar remains the primary and most trusted reserve currency, but the Swiss franc has also emerged as one the best alternatives. more»
  • Greek exit from the euro a 'possibility', says Lagarde

    06:22 | 29/5/15
    Financial Times
    “A Greek exit is a possibility,” Christine Lagarde told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, adding that it would be “no stroll” but also that it would definitely not mean the end of the euro. Ms Lagarde's admission came as the IMF ... more»
  • MarketsBrazilian real back at the bottom of the EM pile

    06:11 | 29/5/15
    Financial Times
    The currency, having risen some 11 per cent between its year low for the year against the dollar in mid-March and April, has reverted to the worst performing emerging market currency over the past month amid renewed concerns over Brazil's financial woes. more»
  • Greenback rises to NT$30.801 on the Taipei forex

    06:11 | 29/5/15
    China Post
    The central bank's buying of the U.S. dollar offset the impact on the U.S. unit resulting from seasonal fund demand for the New Taiwan dollar seen at a time when the current month is approaching its end, they said. The greenback opened at NT$30.800 ... more»
  • Latam CAF eyes euro, US dollar bond markets for benchmark

    05:26 | 29/5/15
    NEW YORK, May 28 (IFR) - Latin American development bank CAF, rated Aa3/AA-/AA-, is considering a euro or US dollar bond sale following taps in Australian and Norwegian markets this month. more»
  • Greek engraver wins euro coin design competition

    04:41 | 29/5/15
    Deutsche Welle
    Greek engraver wins euro coin design competition. A new two-euro coin to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the European Union's flag will show a design by a Greek engraver. more»
  • Japanese yen continues to depreciate

    04:30 | 29/5/15
    China Post
    Following an eight-year record low of 123 yen per U.S. dollar on Wednesday, the Japanese currency continued to drop on Thursday. more»
  • Photographer jailed for multi-billion euro Bettencourt exploitation

    04:30 | 29/5/15
    The Guardian
    Photographer jailed for multi-billion euro Bettencourt exploitation. François-Marie Banier has been sentenced to three years in jail and ordered to pay back €15m to L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt and her family. more»
  • First Financial Holding cuts loan growth target

    03:56 | 29/5/15
    Taipei Times
    The pickup in the local currency this quarter will also help weaken loan demand, Lee said. The New Taiwan dollar closed down 0.25 percent at NT$30.801 against the US dollar in Taipei trading yesterday. more»
  • Euro-dollar parity is back on the table

    03:56 | 29/5/15
    After retracing about half of its first-quarter depreciation against the dollar, the euro appears to be headed lower once again - aided by a brief but meaningful turnaround in U.S. more»
  • South Africa's rand at 5-week low, tracks EM peers

    03:33 | 29/5/15
    Reuters Africa
    JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's rand fell to a five-week low against the dollar on Thursday, tracking emerging market peers after an influential report said capital flows were projected to fall, partly due to a potential U.S. more»
  • Pound Sterling to South African Rand (GBP/ZAR) Exchange Rate Forecast to ...

    03:22 | 29/5/15
    Exchange Rate News
    The South African Rand, meanwhile, dived versus many of its closest rivals in response to a bullish US Dollar. With predictions for a 2015 Federal Reserve rate hike increasing, demand for high-yielding risk-correlated cooled significantly. more»
  • Greece wants to stay in the euro - but that won't be enough to stop a Grexit

    02:25 | 29/5/15
    Business Insider
    But most of the people in Greece seem to want to keep the euro, even if the cost is prolonged further austerity. Polls show that even when a return to the Drachma is compared to staying in the eurozone and accepting another strict set of austerity ... more»