Saturday, 23 August 2014

Currencies News

  • Fitch Affirms Denmark at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable

    08:15 | 23/8/14
    Fitch assumes Denmark and the eurozone will avoid long-lasting deflation, such as that experienced by Japan from the 1990s. It also assumes that the risk of fragmentation of the eurozone remains low. more»
  • US dollar net longs at highest in more than two years: CFTC,

    07:52 | 23/8/14
    (Reuters) - Speculators boosted bullish bets on the U.S. dollar in the latest week to their highest in more than two years, according to data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission released on Friday. more»
  • US dollar net longs at highest in more than two years-CFTC,

    07:52 | 23/8/14
    ... 34,563 26,055 Net 7,281 17,998 AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR (Contracts of 100,000 Aussie dollars) 19Aug2014 week Prior week Long 65,747 54,691 Short 29,173 25,145 Net 36,574 29,546 MEXICAN PESO (Contracts of 500,000 pesos) 19Aug2014 week Prior ... more»
  • Myanmar Film Stars Pledge Assistance to Political Prisoners

    07:41 | 23/8/14
    Radio Free Asia
    The Myitta Thingaha Organization, whose members include some of Myanmar's biggest film stars, agreed to donate 3 million kyat (U.S. $3,100) to the Myitta Oway Foundation, which was set up by the 88 Generation students group to help family members of ... more»
  • Unemployment in the euro area

    06:33 | 23/8/14
    EU News
    The first point to make is that the euro area has suffered a large and particularly sustained negative shock to GDP, with serious consequences for employment. more»
  • Just a Spark: Morocco's Unaddressed Social Ills

    06:33 | 23/8/14
    Morocco World News
    Morocco's urban wealthy are enormously disconnected from their rural and poor fellow countrymen. The other day in Casablanca, I saw a Moroccan man in a Maserati (a car worth about a million dirham) refuse to give sadaqa to a crippled, elderly woman ... more»
  • Milanovic confirms gov't donated weapons to USA

    06:00 | 23/8/14
    Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic confirmed on Friday that Croatia had met a request from the United States to donate to that country weapons from its army's reserves, but noted that the donated quantities were negligible compared to donations from some ... more»
  • Qunar Cayman Islands Ltd Seeking Acquisitions; Stock Soars

    05:48 | 23/8/14
    According to Zhuang, Qunar Cayman Islands Ltd (NASDAQ:QUNR) has money to fund acquisitions and other investments. The company has half-billion dollar war chest including more than $200 million in cash and $300 million line of credit from Baidu Inc ... more»
  • Gasoline prices spike in Kazakhstan

    05:37 | 23/8/14
    The order said: "Price caps on retail sales of petroleum products that are subject to state price regulation shall be set at the following level including VAT: diesel - 115 tenge per liter ($0.63), AI-80 - 89 tenge per liter ($0.49), AI-92/93 - 128 ... more»
  • Telenor aims high in Myanmar despite late debut

    05:03 | 23/8/14
    The Nation
    "Our goal is to reach 90 per cent of the population in Myanmar within five years and we will do so by partnering with thousands of local retailers, distributors and franchisees to build an extensive and wide-reaching distribution network that will ... more»
  • Rupee strengthens, gold price down

    05:03 | 23/8/14
    KATHMANDU, Aug 22: Nepali rupee gained 14 paisa against US dollar over the week as the Indian currency, with which the local currency is pegged, strengthened against the greenback. more»
  • Flannys Five It feels more like 85 than 03 for the 14 Royals

    04:41 | 23/8/14
    Rookie Christian Colon has been playing fabulously since his most recent call-up. But he did make a major mistake Wednesday against the Rockies that was critical. more»
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