Sunday, 21 December 2014

Currencies News

  • Who will stop drug threat?

    01:22 | 21/12/14
    Buenos Aires Herald
    Crossing drugs from Paysandú, on the Uruguayan side, to Colón, in Entre Ríos, was a daily business carried out by small-time dealers in hired cars. more»
  • Thailand, China sign train investment pact, 867km track to cost 350b baht

    23:30 | 20/12/14
    Customs Today Newspaper
    The State Railway of Thailand currently uses the 1-metre gauge system. The Xinhua news agency estimated the construction cost at US0.6 billion (350 billion baht). Construction could start in 2016 and be completed in 2022, according to the agreement. more»
  • Indian rupee falls to 63.89, touches 13-month intra-day low

    23:25 | 20/12/14
    Financial Express
    The rupee opened lower at 62.50 per USD and plunged to 13-mth low of 63.89 this week before ending At 63.30 per dollar, showing a loss of 101 paise or 1.62 per cent amid chaos in global financial markets caused by volatility in Russian currency rouble. more»
  • Xinhua summary of Asia-Pacific stocks news at 1100 GMT, Dec. 19

    22:45 | 20/12/14
    VIENTIANE -- The Lao stock market finished on Friday down 1.11 percent against the previous trading day. The Lao Securities Exchange composite index decreased by 15.56 points to 1,389.91. more»
  • Stigma Of Sierra Leone's 'Ebola Orphans' Remains

    14:41 | 20/12/14
    Sky News
    In Sierra Leone there are estimated to be more than 4,500 children in this situation and caring for them is a growing problem. more»
  • Japanese Yen May Resume Recovery on Year-End Capital Flows

    13:45 | 20/12/14
    With the last Bank of Japan policy meeting of the year also behind them, investors have been left with external forces as the foremost driver of Japanese Yen price action. Seasonal capital flows stand out as the most potent potential driver on this ... more»
  • Indian rupee may breach 18-mark against riyal

    13:22 | 20/12/14
    Peninsula On-line
    The rupee is following other major currencies which are continuously depreciating against the dollar. Buoyed by signs of recovery in the US economy, the Federal Reserve has decided to stop the bond buying programme, known as Quantitative Easing. more»
  • Russia-Kazakhstan Relations Took a Dive in 2014

    13:00 | 20/12/14
    The Diplomat
    Moreover, as the ruble sprints toward collapse, a further devaluation of Kazakhstan's tenge seems all but assured. The tenge already experienced a 19-percent drop in early 2014, leaving a distinct stain on domestic confidence. more»
  • A good time to travel in Japan as yen tumbles

    12:48 | 20/12/14
    The Seattle Times
    Lee San Duo of booked a last-minute vacation to Japan this month, hoping to take advantage of the slumping yen. The timing of the Singapore resident could hardly have been better: the currency tumbled to a record versus Singapore's dollar just a day ... more»
  • The 25th Anniversary of the US Invasion of Panama

    10:32 | 20/12/14
    Huffington Post
    Throughout the 1980s, the Reagan administration and its bipartisan allies in Congress had argued that the embargo against Cuba, like the Contra war in Nicaragua, U.S. more»
  • Rupee weakens against US dollar

    09:48 | 20/12/14
    KATHMANDU, Dec 20: Nepali rupee weakened by a whopping Rs 1.31 against US dollar this week as the Indian currency, with which rupee is pegged, lost value against the greenback. more»
  • Can I still get my Algonquin dividend in Canadian dollars?

    09:48 | 20/12/14
    The Globe and Mail
    Unless you give your financial institution instructions otherwise, there's a good chance you will continue to receive the dividend in Canadian dollars anyway. As a shareholder, that's what I've found. My discount broker gets the dividend in U.S ... more»
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