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Trade Me Group Limited Ordinary Shares

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  • SPH Notice - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    17:08 | 29/1/18
    Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature of relevant interest, or both Sections 277 and 278, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 To NZX LIMITED and To TRADE ME GROUP LIMITED Relevant event being disclosed: movement of 1 % or more in substantial holding Date of relevant event: 25-Jan-2018 Date this disclosure made: 29-Jan-2018 Date last disclosure made: 17-May-2017 Substantial product  more»
  • Date of half-year results announcement

    09:37 | 23/1/18
    23 January 2018 Release date for half year results Trade Me Group Limited advises that it expects to release its results for the half year ended 31 December 2017, on Wednesday 28 February 2018. -ends- CONTACT: Joanne Perez, Investor Relations, Trade Me Phone: + 64 4 8032683 or +64 21841090 Email: End CA:00313332 For:TME Type:GENERAL Time:2018-01-23 09:37:27 more»
  • Trade Me Jobs - quarterly jobs media release

    12:40 | 15/1/18
    15 January 2018 NZX Limited Level 2, NZX Centre 11 Cable Street WELLINGTON Market Announcements Office ASX Australian Stock Exchange Centre Level 6 20 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA TRADE ME GROUP LIMITED (TME) - Trade Me Jobs quarterly NZ jobs media release The attached information regarding jobs listed on New Zealand''s Trade Me Jobs for the last 3 months of 2017 is the same as that provided to media in New Zeala more»
  • Changes to S&P NZX 10 and MidCap indices

    16:25 | 11/12/17
    11 December 2017 Changes to S&P/NZX 10 and S&P/NZX MidCap Indices NZX has announced changes to the S&P/NZX 10 Index and other indices in the December rebalance, as attached. The changes will see Trade Me Group Limited removed from the S&P/NZX 10 Index effective at market open on 18 December 2017, and added to the S&P/NZX MidCap Index at the same date. ENDS For further information: Joanne Perez, Trade Me, more»
  • D&O Ongoing Disclosures - Multiple

    12:31 | 16/11/17
    Please see attached Ongoing Disclosure Notices for: - Annie Brown - Alan Clark - Sarah Margaret Hard - Nigel Thomas William Jeffries - Jonathan Keith Macdonald - Stuart Campbell McLean - Trent Damien Mankelow - Joanne Perez (x2) - Caroline Rachel Rawlinson - Mark Thomas Rees - Jeremy Wade of Trade Me Group Limited ("TME"). End CA:00310459 For:TME Type:SHINTR Time:2017-11-16 12:31:45 more»
  • Notice of allotment of restricted shares

    16:39 | 15/11/17
    15 November 2017 Market Information Services Section New Zealand Exchange Limited Wellington NOTIFICATION OF ALLOTMENT OF SECURITIES For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1 of the NZX Listing Rules, Trade Me Group Limited advises the following securities have been issued: Class of securities issued Ordinary Shares ISIN NZTMEE0003S8 Number of securities issued 352,069 ordinary shares (restricted) Issue price NZ$4.4299 per share Pa more»
  • Results of Annual Meeting

    17:26 | 9/11/17
    9 November 2017 Results - Trade Me Group Limited Annual Shareholder Meeting At the annual shareholder meeting for Trade Me Group Limited, held in Wellington on 9 November 2017, shareholders were asked to vote on four resolutions, which were supported by the Board. All resolutions were passed. Voting was conducted by poll. The resolutions passed by shareholders were o To authorise the directors to set the remuneration of the auditors more»
  • Chairman''s address and CEO''s address to Annual Meeting

    15:49 | 9/11/17
    Please see attached. End CA:00310065 For:TME Type:GENERAL Time:2017-11-09 15:49:20 more»
  • D&O Ongoing Disclosures - Multiple

    17:21 | 6/11/17
    Announcement Text: Please see attached Ongoing Disclosure Notices for: - James Daniel McGee - David Alan Wasley Of Trade Me Group Limited ("TME"). End CA:00309863 For:TME Type:SHINTR Time:2017-11-06 17:21:43 more»
  • Notice of redemption/cancellation of restricted shares

    16:52 | 6/11/17
    NZSX/NZDX NOTICE PURSUANT TO LISTING RULE 7.12.1 (a) Class of Security and ISIN: Restricted Shares (LTI scheme) ISIN: (b) Number issued/acquired: 55,561 (c) Issue/Acquisition price: NZ$3.5174 for shares issued 1 October 2014; NZ$3.73498 for shares issued 7 April 2015; NZ$3.715992 for shares issued 18 Nov 2015; NZ$3.98 and NZ$4.08 for shares issued 29 February 2016; NZ $3.799502 for shares issued 13 April 2016 NZ $3.796383 for shares  more»
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