Monday, 22 December 2014

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Recent News
  • Jay Cutler subject of much speculation after benching

    15:26 | 22/12/14
    Chicago Sun-Times
    NFL Network, meanwhile, reported there was a good possibility he'll be gone, and that there's a developing trade market, starting with the Titans, who have started researching him. more»
  • Relaxed US diplomacy will help support business in Cuba

    14:52 | 22/12/14
    San Francisco Chronicle
    I have worked within the confines of ever-changing U.S. policies toward trade and travel over the last decade, returning to the island more than 50 times on government-sanctioned trips and introducing nearly 1,000 American business and public policy ... more»
  • Sony Hack Reveals Need for Business, Government to Collaborate on Cyber ...

    13:33 | 22/12/14
    Insurance Journal
    The move prompted Obama to say the company “made a mistake” and that he wished “they'd have spoken to me first.” The head of Sony's studio and White House officials did talk, both sides agree - just not about whether the movie should be released. more»
  • Who Benefits if the Embargo Is Lifted?

    12:37 | 22/12/14
    Wall Street Journal
    The Castros already welcome foreign trade and investment. ... He grinned back at me. “Well, OK,” he said. “The real problem is that we don't have any money to buy them. more»
  • Hollywood's fickle friend

    12:03 | 22/12/14
    No Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers, no late-night dinners, and limited grip-and-grin time for even the biggest donors. Now Obama has delivered perhaps his sharpest rebuke ever to a ... In criticizing Sony, Obama said, “I wish they had spoken to me first. I ... more»
  • US reviewing whether to put North Korea back on terrorism sponsors list

    03:16 | 22/12/14
    The Globe and Mail
    “You know, had they talked to me directly about this decision, I might have called the movie theatre chains and distributors and asked them what that story was,” Obama said. more»
  • 'New age of terror' has Spokane link

    21:04 | 21/12/14
    The Spokesman Review
    On July 4, 1995, they were camped in the Lidder Valley, 8,000 feet above sea level, when a group of militants armed with military rifles and with scarves obscuring their faces approached them and demanded to see their passports. more»
  • Sony Hack Reveals US Can't Protect Businesses From Attack

    15:44 | 21/12/14
    It added urgency to a debate over whether and when the government should take responsibility for protecting private companies from attacks and whether and when those companies can strike back against foreign nations or groups. Obama promised to ... The ... more»
  • Big Oil's $3 Billion Homage to Nazi War Criminal

    09:26 | 21/12/14
    Royal Dutch Shell plc .com
    Ships don't come bigger than the Pieter Schelte. They don't come more controversial either. Built in Korea at a cost of nearly $3 billion, the gargantuan new ship is now sailing towards the Netherlands, where it will soon enter service in the European ... more»
  • North Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hack

    08:41 | 21/12/14
    Chicago Daily Herald
    The YGS Group provides digital and printed reprint services for Daily Herald. Complete ... "I wish they had spoken to me first. ... We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship," Obama said at a year-end news ... more»
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