Friday, 19 September 2014

Speirs Group Limited - Ordinary Shares

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Recent News
  • Business Insider

    07:52 | 12/9/14
    Rappahannock Adult Activities is hosting its third annual fall plant sale with pansies, chrysanthemums and a limited selection of herbs. more»
  • Could metal scarcity undermine clean tech revolution?

    11:03 | 11/9/14
    Business Green
    It is a question that is rarely posed, at least in public. If global demand for clean technologies continues to expand as rapidly as expected, will manufacturers of solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars, and other low carbon products be able to ... more»
  • Claims Club News - 11 September 2014

    04:41 | 10/9/14
    Post Online
    Bill Speirs is head of insurance group at BTO An independent Scotland would cost insurers more in claims, according to BTO's insurance group head Bill Speirs, who maintains that proposals to increase earnings north of the border will impact reserves. more»
  • Infrastructure report: Life returns to the Four Avenues

    07:38 | 19/8/14
    New Zealand Herald
    Scirt is now ramping up the infrastructure rebuild to underpin Christchurch's new CBD anchor projects, reports Alexander Speirs. Scirt's Duncan Gibb has appreciated the chance to "do something meaningful" in the Christchurch rebuild. Much of ... more»
  • Infrastructure report: City rail link a priority for Labour

    07:07 | 19/8/14
    New Zealand Herald
    Labour's transport spokesman Phil Twyford says the Auckland City Rail Link will be a priority if the Government changes. "We're going to build the City Rail Link as a matter of priority as soon as we're elected. more»
  • Infrastructure report: Labour would scrap some PPPs

    06:55 | 19/8/14
    New Zealand Herald
    Labour is promising it will change the game on infrastructure if it gets to form a Government after the September 20 election, and break some contracts like the Wiri Prison public private partnership (PPP). more»
  • Crash-for-cash pair handed prison sentences

    04:07 | 19/8/14
    Post Online
    Bill Speirs is head of insurance group at BTO. Claims Club News - 11 September 2014. Recommended reading. solicitor-at- ... Sportscover enters strategic talks with Hamilton Insurance Group. Post | 10 Sep 2014 ... White papers · Post App · Incisive ... more»
  • Clydesdale owner warns of risk to bank from Scottish independence

    20:14 | 18/8/14
    NAB's concern over the referendum comes as it emerges that one of Scotland's oldest stockbrokers Speirs & Jeffrey has established accounts new companies and bank accounts in England into which to transfer the cash and assets of its clients in the event ... more»
  • Scottish broker ready to send assets to England in case of 'Yes' vote

    07:43 | 18/8/14
    One of Scotland's leading finance houses has set up new companies and bank accounts in England into which it will transfer the cash and assets of clients if a "Yes" vote in the referendum brings “new risks”. more»
  • Investing while you're young

    04:03 | 16/8/14
    The worlds wealthy always advocate for investing while you are young so to discuss what parents should be advising their children in terms of investment, CNBC Africa is joined by Ralph Speirs, Retail Development Officer at the Johannesburg Stock ... more»
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