Wednesday, 01 October 2014

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  • Business Insider

    07:52 | 12/9/14
    Rappahannock Adult Activities is hosting its third annual fall plant sale with pansies, chrysanthemums and a limited selection of herbs. more»
  • Could metal scarcity undermine clean tech revolution?

    11:03 | 11/9/14
    Business Green
    It is a question that is rarely posed, at least in public. If global demand for clean technologies continues to expand as rapidly as expected, will manufacturers of solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars, and other low carbon products be able to ... more»
  • Claims Club News - 11 September 2014

    04:41 | 10/9/14
    Post Online
    Bill Speirs is head of insurance group at BTO An independent Scotland would cost insurers more in claims, according to BTO's insurance group head Bill Speirs, who maintains that proposals to increase earnings north of the border will impact reserves. more»
  • Charles Taylor CEO 'quietly confident' despite benign claims environment

    23:37 | 29/8/14
    Post Online
    Bill Speirs is head of insurance group at BTO · Claims Club News - 11 September 2014 · An illustration of a stick man slipping over. more»
  • Extra curfew for Barrow teen who breached order

    20:19 | 29/8/14
    NW Evening Mail
    THE parents of a teenager who twice breached his community order have promised to keep him to a newly-ordered curfew. Alexander David Speirs failed to attend supervision sessions which had already served as a replacement sentence for a curfew he ... more»
  • Pre-season bonus for Gala

    18:33 | 28/8/14
    Border Telegraph
    Gala: G. Speirs; S. Law, C. Auld, E. Scott, G. Somerville: R. Jeffrey, George Graham; L. Pettie, R. Anderson, P. Stewart, C. Weir, O. Palepoi. more»
  • Levy could help insulate wool industry

    07:35 | 28/8/14
    Wanganui Chronicle
    Funds left over from that levy were made over to pay the expenses of the voluntary Wool Levy Group. It consists of farmers, processors, marketers and researchers and is chaired by Gisborne farmer Sandra Faulkner, who has 2500 sheep. more»
  • Scottish League Cup roundup: Rangers into round two, Hibernian seal comeback

    09:00 | 27/8/14
    Sports Mole
    Arsenal, Relief - Limited Edition. £25.00. global delivery. VIEW >>. England: Banks Save Tee. Art Of Football England: Banks Save Tee. more»
  • Lord Chancellor seeking expert panel for discount rate review

    23:03 | 26/8/14
    Post Online
    Bill Speirs is head of insurance group at BTO. Claims Club News - 11 September 2014 ... Sportscover enters strategic talks with Hamilton Insurance Group. Post | 10 Sep 2014. Quindell begins legal proceedings ... White papers · Post App · Incisive Media ... more»
  • San Francisco rocked by magnitude 6.0 earthquake

    14:44 | 25/8/14
    Post Online
    A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Napa, California, about 50 miles (80.5km) South-west of Sacramento, the state capital and 6.7 miles (10.8km) deep. more»
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