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  • TRS Signs Term Sheet with LIDA

    11:39 | 11/12/17
    11 December 2017 TRS: Market Update on Transaction In recent announcements to the market TRS Investments Limited (NZX: TRS) indicated that it expected to enter into a term sheet to introduce a new business into TRS. The Board of TRS is pleased to announce that TRS has signed a conditional term sheet today with Shenyang LIDA Agricultural Science and Technology Group Limited ("LIDA") of China. The planned transaction will combine LIDA more»
  • Supplementary Information on NTA

    17:13 | 30/11/17
    SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION INTERIM UNAUDITED RESULTS FOR HALF YEAR ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2017 Reporting Period 6 months to 30 September 2017 Previous Reporting Period 6 months to 30 September 2016 Net Tangible Assets per Security Further to the interim unaudited results announced today, TRS Investments Limited reports the additional supplementary information that Net Tangible Assets per Security for the reporting period was (0.0003) and more»
  • TRS Investments Interim Half Yearly Report (Unaudited)

    08:30 | 30/11/17
    Attached is the Unaudited Half Year Report for TRS Investments Limited TRS reports an unaudited net loss attributable to security holders of $39,000 for the half year ended 30 September 2017. This is a decreased loss compared with a loss of $55,000 for the same period last year. As communicated in the Annual Report dated 29 June 2017, TRS expects to enter into a term sheet to introduce a business into TRS in the short term. TRS expects  more»
  • 2017 Annual Meeting Results

    08:30 | 28/9/17
    27 September 2017 2017 Annual Meeting Result TRS Investments Limited (NZSX: TRS) held its annual meeting in Auckland today. All resolutions set out in the notice of meeting were passed unanimously by a show of hands vote. Summaries of the proxies received were presented to the meeting. On behalf of the Board. Joseph van Wijk Director Email: Mobile: 027 300 9291 End CA:00307892 For:TRS Type:MEETING  more»
  • TRS Notice of Annual Meeting 2017

    15:48 | 11/9/17
    Dear Shareholders Notice is given that the Annual Meeting of Shareholders of TRS Investments Limited will be held at the Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell 1052, Auckland, on Wednesday, 27 September 2017, commencing at 10.30 am. The Notice of Meeting is attached. End CA:00307017 For:TRS Type:MEETING Time:2017-09-11 15:48:07 more»
  • TRS Annual Report 31 March 2017

    15:32 | 29/6/17
    TRS is pleased to release the audited 2017 Annual Report. Note that there are two adjustments from the unaudited Full Year results released on 19 May 2017 resulting from the audit of the financial statements as follows: 1. Accruals have been increased by $9,794 in total. This has had the result of increasing the reported net loss from $343,000 to $353,000. 2. Funds received from HuaHan of $106,450 to contribute to the costs of the Hu more»
  • Full Year Report 31 March 2017

    15:08 | 19/5/17
    Please see attached Preliminary Full Year Report for the Year Ended 31 March 2017. Net Loss Attributable to Security Holders TRS Investments Limited reports an unaudited net loss attributable to security holders of $343,000 for the full year ended 31 March 2017 compared with a profit of $144,000 for the same period last year. The turnaround in result is mainly due to the one-off settlement of $206,947 with Mega Limited that occurred  more»
  • Market Update and Director Resignation

    09:36 | 28/2/17
    TRS: Market Update and Director Resignation Following completion of the HuaHan International Holdings (Hong Kong) Co Ltd ("HuaHan") transactions in 2016; TRS Investments Limited ("TRS") wishes to update the market on developments with its forward business intentions. TRS has, in consultation with HuaHan investigated potential property transactions in New Zealand since their investment in TRS. The investigated transactions have not how more»
  • TRS Half Year and Interim Report to 30 September 2016

    09:19 | 29/11/16
    Please refer to the attached for TRS Half Year and Interim Report to 30 September 2016 End CA:00293468 For:TRS Type:HALFYR Time:2016-11-29 09:19:47 more»
  • Meeting Results

    11:43 | 30/9/16
    30 September 2016 NZX Market Announcement Meeting Results The annual meeting of TRS was held this morning. All resolutions contained in the Notice of Meeting were passed by the requisite majorities. Joseph van Wijk Director End CA:00290083 For:TRS Type:MEETING Time:2016-09-30 11:43:14 more»
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