Thursday, 26 May 2022


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Recent News
  • PA mulling its own currency

    17:07 | 8/2/18
    Arutz Sheva
    The Palestinian Authority (PA) is mulling the possibility of introducing its own currency, but the issue remains open, the PA envoy to Russia said on Wednesday, according to the Sputnik news agency. more»
  • Will the Palestinian Authority dump the shekel?

    10:00 | 8/2/18
    In the past, trade on the West Bank was primarily conducted using the Jordanian dinar, which was considered a strong and stable currency. more»
  • Jordan bread prices rise as government seeks more dough

    16:45 | 28/1/18
    The Times of Israel
    “Someone paid 300 dinars ($423) a month who spends a dinar a day on bread will end up having to allocate 30 dinars a month for bread alone,” he said. “Everything will increase, even the price of sandwiches. God help everyone,” he said. Abdullah al ... more»
  • Six-Day War Artifacts Unearthed by Temple Mount Sifting Project

    23:03 | 24/5/17
    The Jewish Press -
    The Jordanian Dinar (and its denomination - piasters) has remained a legal currency in Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem to this day. more»
  • Jordan Diaries

    02:41 | 30/3/17
    Huffington Post
    Sunni Islam is the dominant religion in Jordan but it coexists with a Christian minority. Jordan is considered one of the safest Arab countries in the Middle East. more»
  • Supporting Syrian refugees' winter needs through cash transfers

    08:18 | 23/3/17
    As part of a UNOCHA-funded project, Syrian refugees in informal tented settlements received between 200-300 Jordanian Dinar (approx. 270-400 EUR) in cash to purchase items of their choosing, and better prepare their families for winter months. “I am ... more»
  • Amman-Islamabad relations at their best — Pakistani ambassador

    11:18 | 22/3/17
    Jordan Times
    But Jordanian businesses will reap “great” benefits if they open up in Pakistan, as the country offers cheap labour, and the currency exchange rates are currently in favour of the Jordanian dinar (one Jordanian dinar equals 147 Pakistani rupees). The ... more»
  • IMF Staff Concludes Visit to Jordan

    07:11 | 16/3/17
    International Monetary Fund
    The recent steps by the Central Bank of Jordan in raising key monetary policy rates has helped to preserve the attractiveness of the Jordanian dinar and keeping international reserves at adequate levels. Due to challenging external environment, growth ... more»
  • Jordan PM confirms a strong dinar and soundness of economy

    08:07 | 27/2/17
    News Ghana
    The Jordanian dinar will continue to be pegged to the U.S. dollar, he said, warning against rumors about the strength of the currency. more»
  • Central bank raises main interest rates by 50 basis points

    10:00 | 22/2/17
    Jordan Times
    Under the decision, the main interest rate at the CBJ stands at 3.25 per cent annually and Jordanian dinar overnight deposit rate becomes 2.25 per cent. more»
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