Thursday, 28 July 2016

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  • Drier, Warmer Weather May be Developing over Western Canada

    06:22 | 22/7/16
    DTN The Progressive Farmer (registration) (blog)
    Damage due to these types of issues is usually of a limited nature. ... As we move through July we look for signs in the upper level wind flow pattern that might hint at a change in the pattern to allow more favorable warmer, drier conditions. Today's ... more»
  • Texas Tech Team's New Radar Prototype Could Help Lower Energy Costs

    03:22 | 15/7/16
    North American Windpower
    ... measurements to document complex wind flow fields within wind plants. Originally, the project team used the existing Texas Tech Ka-band (TTUKa) mobile Doppler radars to make these measurements. Although successful, the TTUKa radars were limited in ... more»
  • China's Idled Wind Farms May Spell Trouble for Renewable Energy

    11:16 | 29/6/16
    Findings published earlier this year in the journal Nature Energy by a group of researchers from places such as Tsinghua University in Beijing and Harvard University in the U.S. more»
  • New ideas for improving wind-farm outputs

    01:07 | 24/6/16
    Windpower Engineering
    Advances in technology and understanding show that in many cases wind farms have not been optimally designed for the real on-site wind conditions and relevant constraining factors. more»
  • New radar prototype could help lower energy costs

    04:07 | 9/6/16
    Science Daily
    The new instrument builds upon NWI's pioneering success of using radar measurements to document complex wind flow fields within wind plants. more»
  • The incoherence of sustainability

    03:44 | 27/5/16
    American Enterprise Institute
    In a word, conventional energy sources physically are depletable; in contrast, each sunrise and each geographic temperature differential yields new supplies of sunlight and wind flows. Sadly, the energy content of sunlight and wind is ... Accordingly ... more»
  • Why China Is Having So Many Problems Ramping Up Wind Power

    19:07 | 24/5/16
    Proactive Investors UK
    Wind turbines can produce only as much energy as the wind provides - so the researchers were interested in whether differences in wind flow could account for some of China's problems. But they found that these differences played a relatively small role. more»
  • The small wind turbines you'll want in your back yard

    22:40 | 19/5/16
    Given the different nature of the sound produced by small wind turbines, more research and investment in noise reduction technologies in these designs needs to be conducted if such turbines are to be used in urban areas. The international standard ... more»
  • Low pressure brings rain, wind and more for the weekend

    12:49 | 19/5/16
    “On Saturday the low moves over Auckland in the evening followed by a strong south to southwest wind flow,” explained MetService Meteorologist Ciaran Doolin. more»
  • Yachting legend slams Cup course

    06:52 | 10/5/16
    New Zealand Herald
    "In terms of topography for disturbing wind flow this is probably the most disruptive it could be and in my opinion the last place on earth you would want to put a race course. more»
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