Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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Recent News
  • Warm, wet, windy weekend weather ahead

    20:15 | 22/7/16
    New Zealand Herald
    "Saturday will be unseasonably warm across most of the North Island due to a sub-tropic wind flow coming from Queensland," he said. more»
  • Drier, Warmer Weather May be Developing over Western Canada

    06:22 | 22/7/16
    DTN The Progressive Farmer (registration) (blog)
    Damage due to these types of issues is usually of a limited nature. ... As we move through July we look for signs in the upper level wind flow pattern that might hint at a change in the pattern to allow more favorable warmer, drier conditions. Today's ... more»
  • Ayrshire set to enjoy heatwave as hottest day of the year rolls in

    01:13 | 19/7/16
    Scottish Daily Record
    THE warm front is making its way up from the Med, aided by a south-easterly wind flow. Shares. Get daily news by email. Euan McCall/Ayrshire Post. more»
  • Texas Tech Team's New Radar Prototype Could Help Lower Energy Costs

    03:22 | 15/7/16
    North American Windpower
    ... measurements to document complex wind flow fields within wind plants. Originally, the project team used the existing Texas Tech Ka-band (TTUKa) mobile Doppler radars to make these measurements. Although successful, the TTUKa radars were limited in ... more»
  • Solo Transatlantic Record Attempt Underway

    01:30 | 3/7/16
    Scuttlebutt Sailing News
    The first 24 hours in an unstable wind flow will be decisive. After having been on standby for a month, Gabart left Brest on Thursday (June 30) for New York, where he found his trimaran waiting for him on Friday morning, along with some of the members ... more»
  • Exclusive: Cycling NZ unveil revolutionary new Olympic bikes

    19:00 | 29/6/16
    New Zealand Herald
    These include bran flakes being blown at model buildings to test wind flow in a new Auckland property development. You half ... Performance director Mark Elliott says optimum technology is required to ensure the public get the best return on investment. more»
  • China's Idled Wind Farms May Spell Trouble for Renewable Energy

    11:16 | 29/6/16
    Findings published earlier this year in the journal Nature Energy by a group of researchers from places such as Tsinghua University in Beijing and Harvard University in the U.S. more»
  • New ideas for improving wind-farm outputs

    01:07 | 24/6/16
    Windpower Engineering
    Advances in technology and understanding show that in many cases wind farms have not been optimally designed for the real on-site wind conditions and relevant constraining factors. more»
  • New radar prototype could help lower energy costs

    04:07 | 9/6/16
    Science Daily
    The new instrument builds upon NWI's pioneering success of using radar measurements to document complex wind flow fields within wind plants. more»
  • The incoherence of sustainability

    03:44 | 27/5/16
    American Enterprise Institute
    In a word, conventional energy sources physically are depletable; in contrast, each sunrise and each geographic temperature differential yields new supplies of sunlight and wind flows. Sadly, the energy content of sunlight and wind is ... Accordingly ... more»
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