Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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  • Stop politicization of development projects: ADB

    07:32 | 27/2/17
    "Nevertheless, we must also say that the progress is just half way through, compared with our target of making annual execution -- contract awards and disbursement -- at par with annual lending -- new commitment -- level of US$ 300 million in recent ... more»
  • Oil and Water Don't Mix: Why the ACLU Is Standing Up for the Standing Rock ...

    12:18 | 25/2/17
    ACLU (blog)
    As outlined in our brief, the pipeline should be halted immediately consistent with the Standing Rock Sioux's treaty rights as well as to prevent, for good, any chance a pipeline leak or rupture could despoil the tribe's land and water. Energy Transfer ... more»
  • Mars Needs Lawyers

    04:56 | 25/2/17
    “By far and away, the most important [moment in space geopolitics] has to do with what happened at the end of the Cold War, when the U.S. more»
  • Sodastream International Pops on Earnings as Water Takes Center Stage

    04:22 | 25/2/17
    Motley Fool
    You can carbonate your own water and make your own sodas at home. And on the surface, it sounds like a pretty neat idea, you don't have to go lugging around 12 packs of Diet Coke anymore, you can just do it all right there at home. Greer: I hate that idea. more»
  • California's rain may shed light on new questions about what causes earthquakes

    15:15 | 24/2/17
    The Conversation US
    Filling of water reservoirs behind dams, extraction of oil and gas, and geothermal energy production are just a few of the modern industrial activities shown to induce earthquakes. more»
  • Some San Jose Residents Return to Waterlogged Homes

    05:12 | 24/2/17
    NBC New York
    Some residents returned home to sort through waterlogged furniture, toys and clothing after being abruptly evacuated when a surging creek carrying engine fuel and sewage water inundated thousands of homes in San Jose. With water levels from Coyote ... more»
  • Donation notation

    05:04 | 24/2/17
    Corporate Knights Magazine
    Sarah Dobsevage is director of strategic partnerships at WaterAid America and Vincent Casey is senior WASH (which stands for water, sanitation and hygiene) advisor at WaterAid International in London. WaterAid is a global federation of nonprofits that ... more»
  • A report from the world's last diamond mine

    04:46 | 24/2/17
    The Economist
    Because it controls just one-third of the market, any production cuts have limited effect on total supply. In fact, the firm may even have made matters worse. more»
  • Six Flags Says It Is Just Getting Started With Its International Expansion

    23:30 | 23/2/17
    “We are able to scale our organization to the opportunity, and because the parks require no direct financial investment on our part, international park openings are only limited by our ability to find new partners and suitable sites,” Duffey said. He ... more»
  • Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief ...

    10:45 | 23/2/17
    Households spend up to a quarter of their income just on water. Total wheat production in 2016 was 1.3 million metric tonnes, a reduction of 45 per cent relative to 2015, and 63 per cent relative to pre-crisis levels. more»
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