Sunday, 28 August 2016

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  • Tourism key to saving Namibia's lions

    20:03 | 27/8/16
    Independent Online
    Unlike conventional lions, their thick coats can withstand dramatic temperature swings, and they can survive without drinking water at all - they get all the hydration they need from their prey. According to several on-the-ground experts, only 150 are ... more»
  • Odaiba -- Oh boy!

    10:07 | 27/8/16
    Japan Today
    Sitting on reclaimed land at the mouth of the Sumida River, just a few decades in existence, Odaiba could rightfully be called one of Tokyo's newest neighborhoods. more»
  • Bazookas full of bug spray

    09:11 | 27/8/16
    Hamilton Spectator
    The entire global stockpile contained just six million vaccines. The December 2015 yellow fever ... But in this outbreak, the first cases were mistaken for food poisoning from an ethnic restaurant, and by the time Angola alerted international ... more»
  • Far From The Celeb Spotlight, Free The Children's WE Villages Is Changing Lives

    08:48 | 27/8/16
    Huffington Post Canada
    Kielburger deploys these bold-face names to inspire and empower children to believe that they can change the world, just as 12-year-old Craig believed back in 1995 when his discovery of international child labour abuses led to Free the Children's ... more»
  • Dana has the gift of love

    08:36 | 27/8/16
    Illawarra Mercury
    Dana also loves adventure and enjoyed a trike ride to Bald Hill and Sea Cliff Bridge so much with Steve Melchior, of Just Cruisin Harley Tours, she didn't want it to end. more»
  • Obama Creates World's Largest Protected Marine Area Off Hawaii

    05:15 | 27/8/16
    Earth Island Journal
    Obama will address the international gathering on Wednesday, before traveling to Midway Atoll to highlight the threat posed by climate change upon marine ecosystems. more»
  • It's not only Sydney: housing surges in Vancouver, Auckland and London, too

    02:15 | 27/8/16
    The Australian Financial Review
    And even in Auckland, just across the water, prices are rising higher than a long white cloud. In fact ... Home prices grew just 9.7 per cent last year, compared with 15.2 per cent in London, 16.9 per cent in Auckland and 17.3 per cent in Vancouver ... more»
  • Nine Questions with Richard Waycott, President and CEO of The Almond Board of ...

    00:56 | 27/8/16
    Food Tank (blog)
    Richard Waycott (RW): I always wanted to be involved in international commerce and chose agribusiness and food processing as fields in which I could contribute to providing nourishment to the world. more»
  • Laguna Blends Closes First Tranche of Private Placement for $406800

    00:56 | 27/8/16
    Affiliates utilize tools and technology that enable them to build an international business from their own home or anywhere else in the world. more»
  • Trump Unnerves Fracking Chiefs While Obama Admin Supports It

    10:52 | 26/8/16
    Local communities sometimes do not want fracking in their own backyards, as the technology is being linked to not just air and water pollution but also to earthquakes. But the industry, and most Republicans, do not support such local initiatives. So ... more»
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