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  • Livingstone's Nonsense on Hitler Nonetheless Touches Raw Zionist Nerve

    08:48 | 1/5/16
    It lasted for about seven years, from 1933 until 1940, when the international blockade prevented further emigration of Jews from Germany, just before Hitler gave the order to annihilate the Jews instead. At the center of the give and take between the ... more»
  • Tales from the Crack: the lighter side of a colonoscopy

    06:56 | 1/5/16 (blog)
    But one day before the colonoscopy you're supposed to have a “clear fluid diet only”, which means you're limited to “water, clear sports drinks (Gatorade/Powerade), light coffee or tea (no milk), clear juice or pop (e.g. apple juice or ginger ale).” So ... more»
  • Excerpt: Confessions of a Toronto thief

    06:00 | 1/5/16
    Toronto Star
    Midway through researching this book, I received an email from someone calling himself Jack Dakswin. He introduced himself as a burglar - or a reformed one, at least, someone who had given up on crime despite himself and now worked in, of all things, ... more»
  • Deal Alert: Unlocked 32 GB Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Available For $628.99 On eBay

    00:45 | 1/5/16
    Tech Times
    Now is the perfect time to grab a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, as it's currently available on eBay for just $628.99 - that's the biggest discount so far. more»
  • Photos of the week: 4/22 - 4/29

    21:00 | 30/4/16
    AOL News
    Solar Impulse 2 flies over San Francisco, Saturday, April 23, 2016. The solar-powered airplane, which is attempting to circumnavigate the globe to promote clean energy and the spirit of innovation, arrived from Hawaii after a three-day journey across ... more»
  • 30 Cruise Secrets Only Insiders Know

    20:54 | 30/4/16
    Go Banking Rates
    About 24 million people are expected to take a cruise in 2016, according to Cruise Lines International Association. One of the big draws of this type of travel is that it's considered to be a better value because meals, accommodations and entertainment ... more»
  • Room for Innovation – Hotel Technology

    18:33 | 30/4/16
    Hospitality Net
    For example, the reception desk in Formula 1 is only open during 4 to 6 hours a day, while all the remaining time visitors can open the hotel room directly by swiping their credit card. more»
  • Philip Kives, Pitchman Who Perfected 'As Seen on TV' Infomercials, Dies at 87

    12:56 | 30/4/16
    New York Times
    Reared in penury, he bewitched and beguiled the public to become an international tycoon, only to lose everything and then, undaunted, make it back again! more»
  • Congress continues inquiry into Pebble project

    12:33 | 30/4/16
    The cordova Times
    The Pebble Limited Partnership, the Alaska entity backing the massive copper, gold and molybdenum project, is a subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc., a diversified, global mining group based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Proponents of the mine ... The ... more»
  • Head's up: how cities are trying to manage people who walk and text

    06:11 | 30/4/16
    The Globe and Mail
    ... lanes were painted on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium. However, after gaining international attention, it turned out the temporary lanes were just a marketing gimmick by a cellphone repair company. ... It later emerged that the lanes were limited ... more»
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