Wednesday, 02 September 2015

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Recent News
  • From Hyperinflation to Deflation, No End to Zimbabwe's Decline

    16:07 | 2/9/15
    The situation is even worse in Bulawayo, the second-largest city, where production has been hobbled by water shortages. More than 80 businesses shut across the country last year and just 39 percent of the country's manufacturing capacity is being used, ... more»
  • The Mekong River and the UNESCO World Heritage site at Wat Phou

    13:07 | 2/9/15
    The forward upper deck with rattan armchairs, sofas and lounges, was perfect for me - lying back to read a book or check my emails (Wi-Fi onboard), taking photographs of life along the river or just having 40 winks. I so enjoyed the ever ... (During ... more»
  • Pacific region awash with asbestos

    12:56 | 2/9/15
    Radio New Zealand
    "Primarily in buildings, in roofing material, in wall material, sometimes in flooring, and also in water pipes. The condition, compared to what it would be in Australia and New Zealand is that it's typically not painted, and so it is quite weathered ... more»
  • Forza Motorsport 6 Demo Quick Play

    07:30 | 2/9/15
    Autoblog (blog)
    At the time, its graphics were stunning, the driving experience was the best to ever grace a console, and its Drivatar system was cutting edge, but upon its release as an Xbox One launch title, it was derided critically and by customers for its limited ... more»
  • Migrants press on, hoping to find refuge anywhere in Europe

    06:45 | 2/9/15
    The International Office of Migration has recorded more than 2,600 deaths linked to Mediterranean crossings this year. The influx of refugees has overwhelmed front-line ... While aid groups are stepping in to fill the gaps, help is limited as migrants ... more»
  • Philadelphia plans intense security for Pope Francis' visit -- some say too ...

    06:11 | 2/9/15
    Los Angeles Times
    The bridge linking Philadelphia to Camden, N.J., will be open only to foot traffic. Fences will ... (Speaking of which, there is a papal baseball to commemorate Francis' visit, created by Pennsylvania artist Emily Wolfson, who is selling a limited ... more»
  • We Can Verify This Deal

    03:45 | 2/9/15
    The National Interest Online
    What little discussion that has taken place has focused on the mechanics of inspection—how long it will take to gain access to suspect sites, whether Iranian scientist and engineers can be interviewed, whether the International Atomic Energy Agency ... more»
  • Despite Global Ban, Saudi-Led Forces Kill Dozens in Yemen Using US-Made ...

    02:37 | 2/9/15
    Democracy Now!
    Not every munition explodes on contact with the ground, and they become antipersonnel land mines for people to just stumble upon and die. more»
  • UAE trekker dies of dehydration in Oman mountain

    02:26 | 2/9/15
    An official at the Ministry of Tourism told Gulf News that there is no trekking guidance and no signs in Al Sameenah mountain and that it lacks international trekking standards. “The incident ... Bushra was also a philanthropist as evidenced by her ... more»
  • Pakistan suspects US illegally cut down trees in its capital

    02:17 | 2/9/15
    Washington Post
    Islamabad's greenery notwithstanding, Pakistan overall has retained just 2 percent to 5 percent of its tree canopy because of deforestation, according to estimates by private and public organizations. more»
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