Sunday, 21 December 2014

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Recent News
  • Opinion: The Dangerous Wars of the Future

    22:22 | 20/12/14
    Asharq Alawsat English
    According to a recent International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report, by the end of this year, there will be three billion Internet users in the world, approximately 43 percent of the global population. Of this proportion, there will be more than ... more»
  • We are a land of laws until torture is sanctioned by government

    19:33 | 20/12/14
    Communities Digital News
    Those who believe in rule of law, in limited government, in clearly defined Constitutional limits upon government power should be outraged. more»
  • What on earth is Rand Paul thinking in taking Obama's side against Rubio on ...

    11:22 | 20/12/14
    Hot Air
    Last month he introduced a bill to formally declare war on the group that would even allow ground troops in certain limited circumstances. ... And everyone understands what it's about: Rand's afraid that if he takes a traditional libertarian line on ... more»
  • Slideshow: 9 Noteworthy Mini-Cassia Residents of 2014

    06:03 | 20/12/14
    Twin Falls Times-News
    I remember trying to open my eyes and thinking it was just about over and that I couldn't let that happen.” Mike Walsh adjusted Brady's airway, and the injured firefighter started breathing a little easier. more»
  • After Being Kept Out of WJC, Andre Burakovsky Sent to Hershey by Caps

    04:37 | 20/12/14
    Russian Machine Never Breaks
    Burakovsky became the 13th player in Capitals history to score his first NHL goal in his first NHL game and is one of just seven players in franchise history to score a goal in his NHL debut and season opener. more»
  • Morning Mirror

    03:37 | 20/12/14
    Daily Caller
    “Spent all week living in military tent at Guantanamo, w/only expeditionary showers. Then come home & there's DC water alert to not shower.” Daily Beast's Tim Mak. And a terribly forward reply… ... “Inbox from Liz: 'If you contribute today, the RNC ... more»
  • Here are 5 things to think about to pick the right fitness tracker

    21:03 | 19/12/14
    Salt Lake Tribune
    Too often, my runs get split up into multiple sessions just because I stopped at an intersection or water fountain. With Samsung's Gear Fit ($150) and Adidas' Fit Smart ... is to get a device that tracks distance based on GPS. The Microsoft Band ($200 ... more»
  • What it will take for Iran nuclear talks to succeed

    19:46 | 19/12/14
    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
    But among the invitees, neither the head of the Institute for Science and International Security, David Albright, nor the president of United Against Nuclear Iran, Gary Samore, endorsed more sanctions, noting that they would produce the opposite effect ... more»
  • Richmond bartenders feeling effects of international whiskey shortage

    18:26 | 19/12/14
    But is the shortage real or just hype to see a spike in sales? Will brown liquor devotees have to find a new ... Last winter legendary Japanese distiller (and creator of the first Japanese whiskey) Suntory, purchased Beam Inc. and distributes its ... more»
  • How to pick the right fitness tracker

    13:45 | 19/12/14
    The Journal News |
    Too often, my runs get split up into multiple sessions just because I stopped at an intersection or water fountain. With Samsung's Gear Fit ($150) and Adidas' Fit Smart ... The Microsoft Band ($200) and the Fitbit Surge ($250) do have GPS, but they are ... more»
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