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Freightways Limited

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  • FRE - Half Year Report for the 6 months ended 31 Dec 2016

    16:14 | 27/3/17
    Freightways Limited has provided NZX with a copy of its Half Year Report for the 6 months ended 31 December 2016. End CA:00298899 For:FRE Type:INTERIM Time:2017-03-27 16:14:41 more»
  • Half Year Results to 31 Dec 2016 and Interim Dividend

    09:51 | 20/2/17
    SUMMARY OF PRELIMINARY HALF YEAR ANNOUNCEMENT Name of Listed Issuer: Freightways Limited Reporting Period: 6 months to 31 December 2016. This report has been prepared in a manner which complies with generally accepted accounting practice and fairly presents the matters to which the report relates and is based on unaudited financial statements. These financial statements have been subject to an independent review by our auditors, Pric more»
  • Release Date for Half Year Results

    09:40 | 18/1/17
    Freightways Limited (NZX:FRE) advises that it intends to release its results for the half year ended 31 December 2016 to NZX at 10.00 a.m. on Monday, 20 February 2017. For further information please contact: Dean Bracewell Managing Director Freightways Limited Ph: (09) 571 9672 Fax: (09) 571 9671 End CA:00295692 For:FRE Type:KEYDATES Time:2017-01-18 09:40:23 more»
  • SSH Notice - Harris Associates L.P

    08:30 | 23/11/16
    Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding Section 279, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 Note: This form must be completed in accordance with the instructions at the end of the form. To New Zealand Stock Exchange and To Freightways Ltd. Date this disclosure made: November 22, 2016 Date last disclosure made: September 16, 2016 Date on which substantial holding ceased: November 21, 2016 Substantial product holder(s) giving  more»
  • 2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting - Resolutions Passed

    16:49 | 27/10/16
    At the Freightways Limited Annual Shareholders Meeting held on 27 October 2016 shareholders were asked to vote on four resolutions. All resolutions were decided by poll. The resolutions passed were: 1. That Peter Kean be elected as a Director of Freightways. The Board has determined that Peter Kean is an independent Director. 2. That Mark Verbiest be re-elected as a Director of Freightways. The Board has determined that Mark Verbies more»
  • Trading Update

    10:00 | 27/10/16
    An update on the unaudited trading performance of Freightways Limited (Freightways) for the three months ended 30 September 2016 is provided below. Freightways'' 1st quarter result (unaudited): Quarter ended: Sep-16 $000; Sep-15 $000; Variance Operating revenue 133,868; 126,783; 5.6% EBITDA 25,459; 25,296; 0.6% EBITA 22,679; 22,215; 2.1% NPATA 15,226; 13,951; 9.1% NPAT 14,808; 13,479; 9.9% This first quarter result represents a so more»
  • Annual Shareholders Meeting - Chairman''s & MD''s Commentary

    10:00 | 27/10/16
    A. CHAIRMAN''S INTRODUCTION Slide 1. Freightways - 27 October 2016, Annual Shareholders Meeting Slide 2. Sue Sheldon, Chairman Shareholders and guests, welcome to Freightways'' Annual Shareholders Meeting. My name is Sue Sheldon and I am the Chairman of Freightways'' Board of Directors. Slide 3. Agenda Before we get underway I will run through the structure of the meeting. o I will begin with procedural matters, introduce the more»
  • Annual Report and Section 209 Notice

    10:18 | 23/9/16
    Please see attached 2016 Annual Report and Section 209 Notice. End CA:00289653 For:FRE Type:ANNREP Time:2016-09-23 10:18:01 more»
  • SSH Notice - Harris Associates L.P.

    08:46 | 19/9/16
    Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature of relevant interest, or both Sections 277 and 278, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 Note: This form must be completed in accordance with the instructions at the end of the form. To: New Zealand Stock Exchange and To: Freightways Ltd. Relevant event being disclosed: Movement of 1% in the substantial holding Date of relevant event: September 15, 2016 more»
  • Shares Issued for Freightways Employee Share Plan

    16:13 | 13/9/16
    FRE ALLOTMENT & APPLICATION FOR QUOTATION OF SECURITIES Notice from Freightways Limited pursuant to Listing Rule 7.12.1 Pursuant to Listing Rule 7.12.1 please be advised as follows: (a) Class of Security: Freightways Limited ordinary shares ISIN: NZFREE0001S0. (b) Number of Securities issued: 50,000. (c) Issue price: $6.13 per share (d) Payment: Consideration for the issued shares was cash. (e) Amount paid up: Fully paid.  more»
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