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  • Get your pumpkins planted

    17:37 | 21/6/17
    The Laconia Daily Sun
    LACONIA - The New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival might be several months away, but plans are well under way for the event, which will be held in Laconia for the third time this fall. more»
  • Keen to move forward, Pumpkin Patch workers vote for bank's preferred liquidator

    11:37 | 2/4/17
    Pumpkin Patch staff were employed under two arms of the company. Pumpkin Patch Originals owned the retail assets, and Pumpkin Patch Limited provided head office and distribution functions. Retail staff were paid redundancy funded by the sale of the ... more»
  • Pumpkin Patch staff in stalemate with ANZ over redundancy pay

    15:03 | 24/3/17
    But Pumpkin Patch Limited had no assets to sell, leaving no money to pay its staff redundancy which ranked behind ANZ's debt. more»
  • Pumpkin Patch sold to Australian buyer

    09:23 | 23/3/17
    New Zealand Herald
    Things aren't over for childrens' retailer Pumpkin Patch, with a buyer found and plans to relaunch. Australian online retailer Catch Group has purchased the brand and its intellectual property, including its customer database, product designs and ... more»
  • Pumpkin Patch brand may have a buyer

    09:00 | 22/3/17
    New Zealand Herald
    All Pumpkin Patch stores and online are closed, but a buyer may be found for the brand. Photo / NZ Herald. Childrens' retailer Pumpkin Patch may be given a lifeline with reports it may be bought by Australian eCommerce business Catch Group. more»
  • Pumpkin Patch put into liquidation after failure to find buyer

    17:29 | 9/3/17
    The Press
    All stores in New Zealand and Australia have closed. There were a total of 5 Pumpkin Patch companies that were into receivership, including Pumpkin Patch Originals, Direct ( as mentioned) but also Pumpkin Patch Limited and 2 others. It would be strange ... more»
  • Showdown likely at Pumpkin Patch meeting

    04:56 | 1/3/17
    New Zealand Herald
    The Herald understands the mulled rival bid follows meetings with Pumpkin Patch headquarters employees, who are owed a total of $5m but due to corporate structuring found their legal employer - Pumpkin Patch Limited - owned practically no assets. more»
  • Union backs liquidation of Pumpkin Patch

    05:02 | 28/2/17
    New Zealand Herald
    Reid said FIRST represented a small portion of the 204 workers at Pumpkin Patch headquarters owed around $5m, but was lobbying for all staff after corporate structuring saw their legal employer - Pumpkin Patch Limited - carrying no assets. more»
  • Last day of work for Pumpkin Patch staff

    15:48 | 25/1/17
    New Zealand Herald
    "We're still exploring all avenues to try and obtain redundancy entitlements for our members. It's a complex situation because the company that has employed the distribution centre and head office staff, Pumpkin Patch Ltd, doesn't own any stock. more»
  • Pumpkin Patch owes $59.5m to ANZ – receivers KordaMentha

    10:55 | 28/12/16
    The National Business Review
    The company was tipped into receivership by its lenders and appointed voluntary administrators in October after failing to reinvent itself in the face of shrinking sales and too much debt. more»
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