Wednesday, 25 November 2015

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  • Healthy hospital success: Electrical, power, and lighting

    19:00 | 24/11/15
    Consulting-Specifying Engineer
    Our team was tasked with figuring out how to build a new distribution system in a limited amount of space, while keep the existing one up and running and switching various elements over to the system as it was completed. more»
  • Say goodbye to the screen

    22:56 | 23/11/15
    Of course, ambient notifications are limited in terms of the amount of data that is conveyed, so they can't operate independently of screens and more traditional input devices. more»
  • Alberta pitches a big-bang climate plan

    13:33 | 23/11/15
    Alberta will follow British Columbia in introducing a cross-economy carbon tax, $20 per tonne in 2017 and $30 the following year—rebate and offset programs to come. more»
  • Governor Lends a Hand With Colorado's Marijuana Pesticide Problem

    19:00 | 17/11/15
    Food Safety News
    Pesticide residue violations discovered by the city led to marijuana product recalls from Nature's Cure, Green Cross, Gala's Garden and others. more»
  • Spatially orthogonal chemical functionalization of a hierarchical pore network ...

    05:30 | 17/11/15
    The chemical functionality within porous architectures dictates their performance as heterogeneous catalysts; however, synthetic routes to control the spatial distribution of individual functions within porous solids are limited. Here we report the ... more»
  • How the Treasury could end the tampon tax

    00:46 | 14/11/15
    New Statesman
    When tactics cross from the armpit of the internet to the mother of parliaments, something very unusual has happened in politics. more»
  • Bowel cancer: Early checks can save lives

    04:56 | 10/11/15
    New Zealand Herald
    The Health Ministry's clinical director for bowel cancer, Dr Susan Parry, said that following a Government decision to establish a national screening programme it would take "at least two years to begin a full national roll-out, possibly starting with ... more»
  • Things to do in and around Greenwich

    12:03 | 7/11/15
    Greenwich Time
    On Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Island Beach parking lot, South Arch Street ferry area, the Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board and Greenwich Green and Clean will host a paper shredding event. ... the Greenwich YWCA, 259 E. Putnam Ave., the YW ... more»
  • The Bioeconomy

    05:18 | 5/11/15
    Transnational Institute
    By prioritising market growth over environmental health and social wellbeing, the bioeconomy agenda ignores the necessity of reducing high levels of consumption, which is the primary cause of resource depletion worldwide. more»
  • Community Notes

    18:00 | 4/11/15
    Greene County Daily World
    The speaker will be a Blue Cross-Blue Shield representative who will address self plus one. All Federal ... The Linton Public Library will hold a Mastering the Health Marketplace 5:30 p.m. Ms. Rose Roberts, a Health Navigator for Aspin Health, will be ... more»
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