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Kathmandu Holdings Limited

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  • FY16 results Investor call transcript - 21 September 2016

    13:30 | 23/9/16
    Please find attached a transcript of the FY16 results investor call held on 21 September 2016. Reuben Casey CFO +64 3 968 6166 End CA:00289668 For:KMD Type:ADDRESS Time:2016-09-23 13:30:43 more»
  • Final results presentation FY16

    09:39 | 21/9/16
    Please see attached results presentation for the year ending 31 July 2016. Reuben Casey +64 3 968 6166 CFO End CA:00289436 For:KMD Type:ADDRESS Time:2016-09-21 09:39:27 more»
  • Media release - FY16 full year results

    09:38 | 21/9/16
    Kathmandu Holdings Limited FY2016 full year results o Sales increased by 4.0% to NZ$425.6m o Gross profit increased by 5.8% to NZ$266.4m o Gross margin increased from 61.5% to 62.6% o EBIT increased by 53.3% to NZ$50.9m o NPAT increased by 64.2% to NZ$33.5m o Final dividend increased to NZ 8.0 cps, 37.5% increase in full year payout Kathmandu Holdings Limited (ASX/NZX: KMD) today announced earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of N more»
  • Preliminary final report FY16

    09:34 | 21/9/16
    Appendix 1 Kathmandu Holdings Limited Results for announcement to the market Reporting Period: 12 months ending 31 July 2016 Previous Reporting Period: 12 months ending 31 July 2015 Amount (000''s) Percentage change Revenues from ordinary activities $NZ 425,593 4.0% Profit from ordinary activities after tax attributable to security holder $NZ 33,521 64.2% Net profit attributable to security holders $NZ 33,521 64.2%  more»
  • Notification of Director Nomination dates

    14:49 | 15/9/16
    15 September 2016 To: Australian Securities Exchange New Zealand Stock Exchange Kathmandu Holdings Limited Notification of Director Nomination Dates For the purposes of Listing Rule 3.3.5 Kathmandu Holdings Limited advises that the nomination of Directors to be considered for appointment at the Company''s Annual Shareholder''s Meeting, will close on 30 September 2016 at 5:00pm. Nominations should be addressed to: The Company Sec more»
  • FY16 result release date

    14:07 | 15/9/16
    15 September 2016 To: Australian Securities Exchange New Zealand Stock Exchange Kathmandu Holdings Limited Full Year 2016 result release date: Kathmandu Holdings Limited advise that the Company''s audited full year result for the year ended 31 July 2016 will be released on Wednesday 21st September 2016. Regards Reuben Casey Company Secretary End CA:00289093 For:KMD Type:KEYDATES Time:2016-09-15 14:07:44 more»
  • SSH Notice - Accident Compensation Corporation

    15:25 | 2/9/16
    Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature of relevant interest or both Sections 277 and 278, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 To New Zealand Stock Exchange and To Kathmandu Holdings Ltd Relevant event being disclosed: Movement of 1% or more Date of relevant event: 1 September 2016 Date this disclosure made: 2 September 2016 Date last disclosure made: 24 March 2016 Substantial product ho more»
  • FY16 trading update

    09:31 | 4/8/16
    KATHMANDU HOLDINGS LIMITED ASX/NZX/MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT 04 AUGUST 2016 TRADING UPDATE AND CONFIRMATION OF FY16 PROFIT GUIDANCE FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31 JULY 2016 Kathmandu Holdings Limited (ASX/NZX code: KMD) today reports an update on its sales performance and forecast earnings for the year ended 31 July 2016. Full year FY2016 earnings will be in the following range: o EBIT $50.0 to $51.0 million (last year $33.2m) o NPAT $33.0 to $ more»
  • Appointment of General Manager Retail Stores and Operations

    13:47 | 19/7/16
    KATHMANDU HOLDINGS LIMITED ASX/NZX/MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT 19 JULY 2016 KATHMANDU HOLDINGS LIMITED APPOINT GENERAL MANAGER RETAIL STORES & OPERATIONS Kathmandu Holdings Limited (ASX and NZX code: KMD) today announces that that Alison Evans, General Manager Retail - Stores Australia & New Zealand is leaving the business. Stephen Domancie has been appointed as General Manager Retail Stores & Operations. Stephen joined Kathmandu in 2015 fol more»
  • SSH Notice - New Zealand Superannuation Fund Nominees Ltd

    12:41 | 4/7/16
    Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding Section 279, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 Note: This form must be completed in accordance with the instructions at the end of the form. To NZX and To Kathmandu Holdings NPV Date this disclosure made: 04 July 2016 Date last disclosure made: 07 December 2015 Date on which substantial holding ceased: 30 June 2016 Substantial product holder(s) giving disclosure Full name(s more»
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