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  • Formosa's proposed compensation for Vietnam's fish deaths falls short: minister

    16:30 | 1/7/16
    While many believe the US$500 million a Taiwanese firm has proposed as compensation for an environmental disaster caused by one of its subsidiaries in Vietnam is modest, it may be just enough to spare it from a criminal charge. Government ... Ltd ... more»
  • Jordan: 70000 Syrians Trapped at Border

    16:07 | 1/7/16
    Human Rights Watch
    ... barren desert area just north of a raised sand barrier, or “berm.” The barrier marks the limit of a demilitarized zone inside Jordan, several hundred meters south of the Syrian-Jordanian border. more»
  • Coffee farmers cash in as exports double

    16:06 | 1/7/16
    Jamaica Gleaner
    "Tell me which other agricultural crop you can get that kind of margin," Mark Fletcher, head of Country Traders Limited at his office in Blaise Industrial Complex in Kingston which operates as a coffee hub with four companies, said on Wednesday ... more»
  • This Japanese Toilet Paper Holder is an Absolute Game Changer

    15:56 | 1/7/16
    “You just made me realize how much I would prefer a toilet instead of a driver's seat. My life would be ... In the past, netizens buzzed about its toilet seats that spray water up your butt, adjust water pressure and temperature and play music, among ... more»
  • When a farm girl was crowned Miss Malaika

    13:52 | 1/7/16
    Nehanda Radio
    ... felt she had achieved her highest goal. For a model who had been previously crowned Miss Zimbabwe, but failed to make any mark at Miss World just two years before, Brita felt it was time to bask in her international glory and plan a life outside ... more»
  • Thousands of Syrian Refugees Trapped on Jordan Border

    08:50 | 1/7/16
    Wall Street Journal
    In Amman on Thursday, Doctors Without Borders said Jordanian authorities allowed only limited quantities of water supplies to be delivered to the refugees at the border in the last few days as dehydration cases mounted. more»
  • Syria conflict: Fears for refugees stranded on Jordanian border

    23:48 | 30/6/16
    BBC News
    About 60,000 Syrian refugees stuck in the desert on the Jordanian border have received no aid for more than a week, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) says. more»
  • Olympians, jurists, researchers among 113 new members of Order of Canada

    21:56 | 30/6/16
    What followed was three Olympic medals in short-track speed skating, travelling the world for international competitions, serving as chef de mission for Canada at the Vancouver Olympics, and a lifetime in sport as a coach, official, mentor and ... more»
  • Who Will Master The Mystery Of Marstrand?

    20:37 | 30/6/16
    World Match Racing Tour
    It will do so again just a few days from now, when Marstrand stages the World Match Racing Tour Finals. The build-up to the WMRT Finals has always been intense, but never more so than this year. more»
  • The Victimization of Women From Climate Change

    03:10 | 30/6/16
    Law Street Media (blog)
    The experts in attendance consisted of both men and women who held distinguished positions at the Department of Defense, Congress, Project Concern International (PCI), University of Hawaii Law School, Tetra Tech, and Solar Sister. Most of them appeared ... more»
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