Sunday, 04 October 2015

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  • Matt Damon won't get stranded on Mars: We won't be there anytime soon

    15:26 | 4/10/15
    The Providence Journal
    At the moment, NASA can't even get an astronaut to the International Space Station without buying a seat on a Russian rocket. more»
  • Wind, flooding concerns continue today

    14:41 | 4/10/15
    Delaware State News
    The stiff onshore winds continue to push water into low-lying communities such as Oak Orchard in Sussex County where there has been a coastal flood warning and limited state of emergency. There was two feet of water on River Road in Oak Orchard. more»
  • Travellers unhappy with Air NZ 'shambles'

    11:42 | 4/10/15
    New Zealand Herald
    They just keep shifting it. They've done the usual thing of not communicating with anyone." Ms Easton said meal vouchers were handed out at 10.40pm (3.40am NZT), 20 minutes before the food stalls shut. more»
  • If England are to beat Pakistan, their first battle is to acclimatise to ...

    04:00 | 4/10/15
    The temperature in the nets was measured during England's morning practice at 45 degrees, and that was before the locals were able to observe that mad dogs were the only other creatures out in the midday sun, apart from the Englishmen and their ... more»
  • Holiday guide to lesser-known Thailand

    19:00 | 3/10/15
    The Guardian
    Where to eat Minimal development means that the only restaurants on the island are connected with guesthouses or small resorts. more»
  • Stormy weekend bringing lots of rain, flooding

    16:22 | 3/10/15
    Delaware State News
    That's where a limited state of emergency was put in place Friday and the National Guard dispatched. “A high-impact ... A wave of low pressure has been moving along a stalled front located just offshore, producing rain, NWS meteorologist Lance Franck ... more»
  • The growth that refugees drive

    13:05 | 3/10/15
    But just as an inflow of working-age migrants to a country with an aging population can benefit all parties, an influx of refugees can be an asset to those countries, including those with limited resources, that take them in. ... At the same time ... more»
  • Remarks on the Humanitarian Situation in Iraq

    08:30 | 3/10/15
    US Department of State
    This funding aims to provide millions of Iraqi civilians affected by the conflict - including 3.2 million internally displaced persons and 370,000 refugees with critically needed relief like food, clean water, health care, psychosocial services, child ... more»
  • Rare Blind Dolphins Have a Reason to Hope

    08:07 | 3/10/15
    “Water is so enormously political and emotional in Pakistan because it's so limited,” she said. “Everybody knows about the river, that's where the water for the country comes from. You talk to shopkeepers in the bazaar, and they know about withdrawals.”. more»
  • The Martian movie not all that far-fetched

    07:33 | 3/10/15
    The Ares 3 crew does not waste a drop on Mars with their water reclaimer, and Watney needs to use his ingenuity to come up with some peculiar ways to stay hydrated and ensure his survival on the Red Planet. more»
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