Friday, 04 September 2015

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  • Dad of Syrian toddler who drowned: 'Everything I was dreaming of is gone'

    15:33 | 4/9/15
    FOX31 Denver
    Tima knew of his plans to take the dangerous voyage, she said, and she recalled a phone call with Abdullah's wife in which Rehen said she was afraid to travel by water. ... I thought this is the only way I can express the scream of his silent body ... more»
  • Fishing Report: Mouth of the Columbia yields salmon

    12:56 | 4/9/15
    Napa Valley Register
    This VFA was sent by St. Helena angler Curtis Church, who limited out on Chinook salmon just north of the mouth of the mighty Columbia River. more»
  • As Arab Migrants Swamp Europe, Israel Also Needs to Take Stock

    06:42 | 4/9/15
    And together with the refugees and survivors of the many crises and conflicts in Africa that barely get a small percentage of the international attention paid to the wars in the Arab world, it has no intention of going anywhere else. It appears ... more»
  • 'End the war,' aunt of drowned Syrian toddlers pleads

    06:17 | 4/9/15 (subscription)
    “There is only one thing to be done,” said Fatima Kurdi, the sister of Abdullah Kurdi - who was the only member of his family to survive after their boat capsized and his wife and two sons drowned earlier this week in the Mediterranean. more»
  • After the storm

    04:18 | 4/9/15
    Henrico Citizen
    "I remember it being about 2 o'clock Tuesday morning and they were talking to this young lady and she said, 'I don't know where all of this water is coming from. There's water coming into my house.' That was the first inkling that there was an issue ... more»
  • Italy struggles to help traumatized refugees

    03:00 | 4/9/15
    A fellow survivor, a 26-year old from Sub-Saharan Africa, spent so many hours desperately trying to keep his head above water as he clung to a bit of driftwood that he is now plagued by sensations of drowning at night, leading to insomnia and anxiety ... more»
  • The nuke detectives

    02:48 | 4/9/15
    The Economist
    To sidestep the need for a cooling tower, water pipes ran underground to a reservoir near a river. The concealment was so good the site was discovered not with remote sensing but only thanks to human intelligence, says Dr Tobey, the former National ... more»
  • Gas discovery gives Egypt dreams of becoming an exporter

    02:33 | 4/9/15
    The National
    “During this time, Shell and its partners only found limited amounts of gas, which were not commercially viable to develop,” the spokesman said. more»
  • Slice of paradise in a war zone

    01:52 | 4/9/15
    The picture-perfect Blue Beach Resort is now open for business in Gaza - a distraught region so struggling to recover from recent conflicts the United Nations this week warned it would become “uninhabitable” in just five years. But this Gaza City ... more»
  • Ski holidays to book now

    00:11 | 4/9/15
    It makes a particularly good choice as most rooms are family suites, the slopes are only metres away, there's an airy playroom and an outdoor hot tub, so parents and children can relax in style. more»
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