Sunday, 14 February 2016

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  • Government ministers threaten to revolt over weekend ban

    13:00 | 14/2/16
    The Sun
    And if we are conned into voting “remain”, just as Harold Wilson's government conned us into remaining in the 1975 referendum, we can be certain Brussels bureaucrats will never listen to a word we say ever again. more»
  • Think for yourself, Ambassador Shapiro

    11:18 | 14/2/16
    Arutz Sheva
    A day after Shapiro spoke; Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Al-Tirawi called a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, "just a phase" of an ongoing struggle. Palestine, he said, "stretches from the [Jordan] River ... more»
  • Berlin Film Review: 'The Patriarch'

    10:22 | 14/2/16
    Seen through the eyes of a Maori teen on the brink of manhood, “The Patriarch” plays like a classic Western as it proudly expands the still-limited canon of essential films about New Zealand's tribal people, telling of a young man who dares to stand up ... more»
  • US 30 Road trip

    09:03 | 14/2/16
    Post Register
    The catfish comes from local fish breeder Leo Ray, who raises them in geothermal water at Fish Breeders of Idaho, near Hagerman. more»
  • Viewpoint: The last Apollo mission

    06:37 | 14/2/16
    Pensacola News Journal
    Geologist Harrison Schmitt compared the weightlessness of walking on the moon to being in water - without the water. more»
  • An OFW's amusing global journey with her family

    04:56 | 14/2/16
    “While I had the immigrant experience, my children are having the expat experience. My son just turned 5 and he has already lived in New York City, Singapore and now Hong Kong. more»
  • Berlin Film Review: 'Fire at Sea'

    04:30 | 14/2/16
    Though the men in Samuele's family nearly all been fishermen, the poor boy can barely handle himself on water, throwing up when his father takes him out on his boat. more»
  • An Indianapolis Winter - Arctic Breeze Today, 40s and Rain Showers by Friday

    17:25 | 13/2/16
    Minneapolis Star Tribune
    We May Have Just Seen a Truly Ominous New Weather Record. Hurricanes get their fuel from warm ocean water. The warmer (and deeper) the water, the greater the potential for intensification. In theory warming waters should fuel more extreme hurricanes. more»
  • Scientists Scramble To Develop Tools, Treatments For Zika Virus

    13:16 | 13/2/16
    The Biological SCENE
    For comparison, Brazil reported just 147 cases of microcephaly in 2014. Recalcitrant Mosquito Blamed For ... 09408-scitech1-zikabox. more»
  • Mary Holm: NZ Super nothing to do with tax paid

    06:37 | 13/2/16
    New Zealand Herald
    Internationally, experts praise New Zealand for taking care of all its older people, not just those who have been in paid employment. more»
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