Saturday, 30 May 2015

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  • Dear migrant crisis: You're ruining our vacations. Love, British tourists

    06:33 | 30/5/15
    “There is no reception facility, so police take migrants and asylum seekers to an abandoned hotel with makeshift beds, limited running water, and no electricity. Others sleep in tents provided by Doctors without Borders, while still others are left on ... more»
  • Heavy metal ballet

    04:30 | 30/5/15
    Dallas Morning News
    Workers currently are assembling the twin white arches of the Margaret McDermott Bridge, which will reach nearly 350 feet above the water when complete and support spans for bikes and pedestrians outside the vehicle lanes. 3. When finished, the ... At ... more»
  • What can Mad Max tell us about water scarcity?

    22:07 | 29/5/15
    New Internationalist (blog)
    While in the current day money has traction for the things it can buy us, in a drought-stricken future, just having water, let alone being able to waste it, will be a symbol of affluence. In a world without water our needs become limited to a very few ... more»
  • Insight – Civilians emerge as pawns in South China Sea legal chess game

    19:07 | 29/5/15
    Such moves will be limited by the small size, exposed conditions and lack of fresh water on most islands in the typhoon-tossed waterway, but beefing up civilian features is still important for rival claimants, experts said. more»
  • The art of North Korea's nuclear brinkmanship

    15:56 | 29/5/15
    The Guardian
    ... to weapons inspectors, when observers were finally permitted to visit in 1992 they found discrepancies between what North Korea had previously declared - in terms of plutonium and the disposal of nuclear waste - and what the limited inspections ... more»
  • Ditch the Euphemisms: Menstrual Hygiene Day Calls Out Period Taboos

    09:11 | 29/5/15
    But cramps, cravings, and a touch of moodiness are just the tip of the iceberg. For women ... World Toilet. Young girls from Indonesia, Malawi, Burundi, and Uganda all shared individual stories about experiencing shame and fear during their first ... more»
  • Obama takes to Twitter to talk climate

    05:23 | 29/5/15
    If President Barack Obama's Twitter account was supposed to show he's just like the rest of us, it's working. Obama chose the occasion of his ... But it turns out Obama's attention span is limited, and like many Americans, he'd be just as happy to talk ... more»
  • How Can We Keep Iran Honest on Nukes? Follow The Money

    03:45 | 29/5/15
    European Union Political Director Helga Schmid (2nd R) and European Union High Representative Federica Mogherini (R) wait with P5+1 officials for a meeting at the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland March 29, 2015. more»
  • IRENA 5-Year 100% Clean Energy Plan for “The Land of God” (aka Djibouti)

    21:45 | 28/5/15
    A new IRENA report provides a 5-year plan for using Djibouti's abundant renewable energy sources to solve the nation's serious concerns regarding rising energy demand, limited energy security, and rampant unemployment. ... The International Renewable ... more»
  • Summerlin Area Things To Do, May 28-June 3, 2015

    18:00 | 28/5/15
    Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Tickets are free but limited. For showtime information or to request tickets, call 702-870-4354, ext. 1, or email lvdramakids@gmail. more»
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