Friday, 20 January 2017

Henderson Far East Income Limited Ordinary Shares

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  • How Albert Woodfox Survived Solitary

    17:52 | 9/1/17
    The New Yorker
    According to the editor of the prison's newspaper, the Angolite, a quarter of the inmates lived in “bondage”: raped, sold, and traded, they generated income for their owners as well as for prison guards, who were paid to look the other way. The ... more»
  • Total Voting Rights

    22:07 | 3/1/17
    London South East (registration) (blog)
    The capital of Henderson Far East Income Limited, as at 30 December 2016, consisted of 115,285,564 Ordinary Shares with voting rights. more»
  • Result of AGM

    01:45 | 14/12/16
    London South East (registration) (blog)
    (b) the maximum price, exclusive of expenses, which may be paid for a share shall not be more than the higher of (i) an amount equal to 105 per cent. more»
  • Total Voting Rights

    00:59 | 2/12/16
    London South East (registration) (blog)
    The capital of Henderson Far East Income Limited, as at 30 November 2016, consisted of 114,985,564 Ordinary Shares with voting rights. more»
  • East Tennessee State University finds rich men live longer than poor men

    04:34 | 19/11/16
    Daily Mail
    They found the average family in the poorest of these new-fangled states would have an average income just over the poverty line. more»
  • Issue of Equity

    00:27 | 19/11/16
    London South East (registration) (blog)
    The Company announces the allotment of 50,000 Ordinary Shares at 336.0p per share on 17 November 2016, each fully paid under its block listing facility. more»
  • Keep the Tax Returns, Trump; Just Give Us a Few Figures

    07:03 | 30/9/16
    New York Times
    If, as I've suggested, he and other real estate developers benefit from their ability to deduct paper losses against ordinary income and to defer capital gains taxes indefinitely through so-called like-kind exchanges, he has proposed nothing that would ... more»
  • Aberdeen Asian Income cuts Hugh Young's fee

    02:00 | 19/8/16
    Aberdeen Asian Income (AAIF) has slashed the annual fee it pays Hugh Young's investment team at Aberdeen Aberdeen Asset Management from 1% to 0.85%. more»
  • There can be no half-measures in defence against floods

    06:42 | 28/7/16
    South China Morning Post
    This Week in Asia · G20: Hangzhou · South China Sea: Hague case · Hong Kong bookseller disappearances · Orlando mass shooting · South China Sea · Jake's View · A-shares · Brexit · Sino-Japanese relations · Sino-US relations · So Hong Kong ... Ordinary ... more»
  • Let's stop being naive about the threat posed by Islamic State

    06:06 | 21/7/16
    South China Morning Post
    The use of an ordinary truck, the sort of thing IS has suggested using as a killing machine or platform, plays on the fearful uncertainty created by random acts of barbarity. more»
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