Monday, 08 February 2016

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  • The unions royal commission requires a robust response

    11:49 | 31/12/15
    Business Spectator
    ... often in concert with compliant employers, can operate in ways that do not help ordinary members but rather benefit the officials and/or the union. more»
  • Union corruption shows why we need transparency in super

    10:35 | 8/12/15
    Business Spectator
    Around 20 years ago, when I was writing for another news outlet, I received out of the blue a large cardboard box in the post. It contained the true financial records, including source documents, of a high-profile union. more»
  • Palmer raids struggling company

    05:10 | 12/11/15
    Business Spectator
    Flagging a sale of Gladstone Pacific assets, its report to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission says it may be forced to “realise assets and extinguish liabilities other than in the ordinary course of business”. A shareholder told The ... more»
  • AB InBev signs $US105.5bn SABMiller takeover

    21:37 | 11/11/15
    Business Spectator
    AB InBev plans to seek to have its shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange soon after Wednesday's announcement. The combined company's ordinary shares will be listed in Brussels, Johannesburg and Mexico. The American depositary shares ... more»
  • Mortgage fund fails deadline

    02:25 | 3/11/15
    Business Spectator
    Angas operates by raising money from ordinary investors and lending it to high-risk borrowers such as property developers. The company has been in serious financial trouble for some time, with tens of millions of dollars worth of loans it has made ... more»
  • Unions attack Shorten on FTA

    02:27 | 22/10/15
    Business Spectator
    “We'll take the progress that's been made but we'll be very keen to make sure that the Labor Party and indeed the Liberal Party begin thinking about the interests of ordinary Australian workers when they frame migration and workplace policies,” Mr ... more»
  • Mazda MX-5 (2016) review: Absolute driving purity

    13:13 | 13/10/15
    Good Gear Guide
    Most of them are perfectly ordinary. Add them up though and the results are electric. This is a car that appeals to the senses and it starts right from the beginning, with nothing more than a glance. more»
  • Shorten faces rough seas ahead

    08:48 | 9/10/15
    Business Spectator
    As it surveys its new circumstances, Labor identifies what it thinks could be two possible weaknesses in Turnbull: he might not be able to meet current high expectations, and he may be seen as out of touch with ordinary people, although when Essential ... more»
  • Volkswagen scandal exposes error of Europe's 'clean diesel' plan

    10:32 | 7/10/15
    The Australian
    If it entered the Bathurst 1000 at Mt Panorama this weekend (and was able to make the 1000km distance) it would lap the V8 Supercars. more»
  • Volkswagen says 11 million cars hit by emissions scandal, probes multiply

    07:44 | 23/9/15
    Sydney Morning Herald
    Berlin: Volkswagen AG said a scandal over falsified US vehicle emission tests could affect 11 million of its cars worldwide as investigations of its diesel models multiplied, heaping fresh pressure on CEO Martin Winterkorn. more»
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