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TRANSACT: OIC: Notice Pursuant to Rule 51 of the Takeovers Code

04 Dec 2017 14:15NZX
4 December 2017

WSP NZ Acquisition Limited (WSP), a wholly owned subsidiary of WSP Global
Inc., made a full offer under the Takeovers Code (Code) to acquire 100% of
the fully paid ordinary shares in Opus International Consultants Limited
(Opus) dated 30 August 2017 (the Offer).

WSP has now paid all Opus shareholders who accepted prior to the Offer
closing at 11:59pm on 27 November 2017 (the Accepting Shareholders). In
accordance with clause 5.5 the Offer document, both legal and beneficial
ownership of, and title to, the Opus shares tendered by Accepting
Shareholders have now passed to WSP.

Accordingly, WSP hereby advises that, as at the time of this notice, WSP
holds or controls 90% of the voting rights in Opus. In accordance with Rule
51 of the Code, WSP hereby gives notice that it has become a "dominant owner"
in Opus for the purposes of
Part 7 of the Code.

Yours faithfully,
WSP NZ Acquisition Limited
End CA:00311373 For:OIC    Type:TRANSACT   Time:2017-12-04 14:15:47
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