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NTA: BRM: BRM NAV $0.8298 as at 6/2/13

07 Feb 2013 14:27NZX
BRM NAV $0.8298 as at 6/2/13

Date 6/2/2013 31/1/2013
BRM NAV $0.8298 $0.8289
Share price close $0.71 $0.73
Discount 14% 12%

The above NAV is unaudited.

The NAV per share is after deducting treasury stock (shares acquired under
the Barramundi buyback programme) and a performance fee accrual payable to
the Manager.

The five largest portfolio holdings at 6 February 2013 are approximately as

Tox Free Solutions Limited 9%
WHK Group Limited 8%
Credit Corp Limited 7%
McMillan Shakespeare Limited 7%
Bravura Solutions Limited 7%

Barramundi is a listed investment company that invests in growing Australian
companies. The Barramundi portfolio is managed by Fisher Funds, a specialist
investment manager with a track record of successfully investing in growth
company shares. The aim of Barramundi is to offer investors competitive
returns through capital growth and dividends, and access to a diversified
portfolio of investments through a single tax-efficient investment vehicle.
Barramundi listed on the NZX Main Board on 26 October 2006 and may invest in
companies that are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (with a
primary focus on those outside the top 20 at the time of investment) or
unlisted companies.

For further information please contact Barramundi Ltd, ph (09) 489 7074.
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