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MEETING: KRK: Notice of Annual Meeting

23 Jan 2013 14:42NZX
Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of shareholders of Kirkcaldie
& Stains Limited (the "Company") will be held at:
The Wellesley Boutique Hotel
2-8 Maginnity Street
on Tuesday, 12 February 2013 at 6.30pm.


The business of the meeting will be:

Financial statements and reports

To receive and consider the annual report including the financial statements
and the audit report for the year ended 31 August 2012.

Chairman''s address

Managing Director''s report

Shareholder discussion


1. Re-election of Mr Philip Morland Shewell as a director
NZSX Listing Rule 3.3.11 requires that one third of the directors (excluding
one executive director) retire each year at the annual meeting though these
directors are eligible to stand for re-election at the meeting. There are
currently three non-executive directors subject to retirement and re-election
by rotation. Mr Philip M Shewell will retire at the meeting in accordance
with NZSX Listing Rule 3.3.11.
Mr Shewell has indicated that he wishes to be considered for re-election.
To consider, and if thought fit, to elect Mr Philip M Shewell as a director
of the Company by passing the following ordinary resolution:
"That Mr Philip M Shewell be re-elected as a director of the Company."
See explanatory notes.

2. Auditors

To record that the Company''s auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers are
automatically reappointed as auditors pursuant to Section 200 of the
Companies Act 1993 and to consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following
ordinary resolution:
"That the directors be authorised to fix the remuneration of the auditors for
the ensuing year."

Other business

To consider any other ordinary business which may be properly brought before
the meeting.

By order of the board of directors

Orsola Del Sante-Bland
Company Secretary

18 January 2013


Resolution 1 - Re-election of Mr Philip M Shewell
Philip M Shewell is currently a director of the Company and retires by
rotation in accordance with NZSX Listing Rule 3.3.11. Mr Shewell, being
eligible, offers himself for re-election. The board considers Mr Shewell to
be an independent director.
Mr Shewell was managing director of the Company for over six years and
resigned from that position in February 2001. Mr Shewell ceased being a
director as a consequence of his resignation. Following a recommendation from
the board, Mr Shewell was appointed as a non-executive director in 2002.
Mr Shewell is the chair of the Retail Institute, a director of Service Skills
Institute and a trustee of the Wellington Museums Trust.


For enquiries:
Mrs Orsola Del Sante-Bland
Company Secretary
Kirkcaldie & Stains Limited
P O Box 1494
Wellington 6140

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