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ADDRESS: HBY: Hellaby Holdings Limited - Investor Update December 2012

14 Dec 2012 10:28NZX
Please find attached Hellaby''s fifth Investor Update.

Kind regards

John Williamson
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 09 307 6844
Mobile: 021 271 4960

About Hellaby Holdings:

Hellaby Holdings (''Hellaby'') is an NZX-listed investment holding company,
which owns a diversified portfolio of New Zealand and Australian industrial,
distribution and retail businesses. We structure our investment portfolio
through four divisions - Automotive, Equipment, Packaging and Footwear.

Our vision is to be a leading Australasian investor, based on the value we
add to our portfolio, the returns we deliver to our shareholders and the
calibre of our people. Hellaby will generate attractive long-term shareholder
value through a combination of performance improvement and organic growth in
the businesses we own, and through smart acquisitions and divestments. We
describe this strategy simply as ''Buy, Build, Harvest''. We seek to generate
total shareholder returns superior to the NZX50 Gross Index.

We have a variable investment horizon, and our portfolio will evolve over
time. We actively manage our investments through a lean corporate office, and
decentralise leadership and performance accountabilities to our companies.
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