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ALLOT: PPL: Issue of Securities - 2012 LTI Share Scheme

12 Dec 2012 14:06NZX
12 December 2012
PPL Pumpkin Patch Limited
2012 LTI Share Scheme - Issue of Securities & Provision of Financial

Pumpkin Patch Limited hereby notifies that in accordance with Section 7.12 of
the Listing Rules, it has issued a total of 492,500 new ordinary shares.  The
shares have been issued to fulfill the requirements of the 2012 Long Term
Incentive (LTI) Share Scheme for senior members of staff.  The shares will be
held in Trust on behalf of the scheme participants by Pumpkin Patch Nominees
Limited in line with the rules of the scheme contained within the Trust Deed
dated 7 October 2010.

On issuing the shares, the Company also provided financial assistance in the
form of an advance of $625,475 to Pumpkin Patch Share Trust Management
Limited (PPSML) which used the advance to purchase the issued shares on
behalf of the scheme participants. The financial assistance provided has been
previously disclosed to shareholders in line with sections 78(5) and 79 of
the Companies Act 1993.

No directors are participating in the share scheme.

Class of Security: Ordinary Shares. Rank equally with existing Ordinary
Shares with one vote attached to each share
Number of securities issued: 492,500
Issue Price $1.27 per share
Payment made: None
% of total class of Security issued: 0.3%
Reason for the Issue: To fulfill 2012 LTI employee share scheme requirements
Terms of Issue: Participants must remain employees of Pumpkin Patch for a
period of three years.
Total Number of Securities After Issue: 168,778,908 Ordinary Shares
Acquisition of shares by Issue: The issued shares will be held in Trust by
Pumpkin Patch Nominees Limited for a period of three years.
Date of issue: 10 December 2012

Matthew Washington
Chief Financial Officer/ Company Secretary
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