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DIVIDEND: HNZ: Heartland announces Dividend Policy and Special Dividend

30 Nov 2012 14:58NZX
Heartland announces Dividend Policy and Special Dividend

30 November 2012

Heartland New Zealand Limited (Heartland) (NZX:HNZ) has adopted a dividend
policy, and determined to pay a special dividend.

Dividend Policy
The directors of Heartland have adopted a dividend policy. The policy is as
Heartland will determine dividends (both interim and final) based on its net
profit after tax, subject to maintaining a prudent level of capital for its
needs. Heartland''s capital needs will vary from time to time, depending on a
range of factors (including regulatory and credit rating requirements,
general economic conditions, current and expected growth and the mix of
business). A key objective is to ensure an appropriate balance between
maximising shareholder returns, and protecting the interests of depositors
through prudent capital management.

Special Dividend
The directors of Heartland have resolved to pay a special dividend of 1.5
cents per share on 21 December 2012 to shareholders on the company''s register
as at 5.00pm on 14 December 2012. This dividend will be fully imputed.

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For additional information contact: Anna-Lisa Strain
Company Secretary
+ 64 9 927 9151
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