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SSH: EBO: SSH Notice - (Blair Tallot)

05 Nov 2012 16:15NZX
Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in
nature of relevant interest or both
Sections 23 and 24, Securities Markets Act 1988

Relevant event being disclosed: Movement of 1% or more
Date of relevant event: 2 November 2012
To: NZX Limited
And: Ebos Group Limited
Date this disclosure made: 5 November 2012
Date last disclosure made: 27 July 2012

Substantial security holder(s) giving disclosure

Name(s): Blair Tallott
Contact details: Tim Agar  +64 4 816 7045

Summary of substantial holding to which disclosure relates

Class of listed voting securities: Ordinary Shares
Summary for: Blair Tallott

For this disclosure,--

(a) Total number held in class: 4,248,009
(b) Total in class: 52,536,622
(c) Total percentage held in class: 8.086%

For last disclosure,--

(a) Total number held in class: 4,743,890
(b) Total in class: 52,107,487
(c) Total percentage held in class: 9.104%

Details of transactions and events giving rise to relevant event

Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure under the
instructions to this form:
Sale of 10,114 shares by ACC for net consideration of NZD $83,508.82 on 2nd
November 2012, and the aggregation of interests in securities held by Blair
Tallott and ACC

Details of relevant interests in substantial holding after relevant event

Details for: Blair Tallott
Nature of relevant interest(s):
Beneficial owner of securities under s 5 (1) (b) of the Securities Markets
No relevant agreement document needs to be attached under regulation 11.

For that relevant interest,--

(a) Number held in class: 13,035
(b) Percentage held in class: 0.025%
(c) Current registered holder(s) of securities: held by Blair Tallott
either directly or indirectly
(d) Registered holder(s) of securities once transfers registered: unknown

Details for: ACC
Nature of relevant interest(s):
Qualified powers to exercise control of rights to vote and of acquisition or
disposal of some or all of the securities, of which the Accident Compensation
Corporation ("ACC") is the beneficial owner under s 5(1)(c)and 5 (1)(d) of
the Securities Markets Act. Further to regulation 11(2)(b), the material
terms of this arrangement are that powers are subject to ACC investment
policies and the decisions of the ACC Investment Committee.

For that relevant interest,

(a) Number held in class: 4,234,974
(b) Percentage held in class: 8.061%
(c) Current registered holder(s) of securities: held by ACC either
directly or indirectly via New Zealand Central Securities Depository Limited
(d) Registered holder(s) of securities once transfers registered: unknown

Additional information

Blair Tallott is an employee and portfolio manager for ACC. Under current ACC
investment policies, he has the discretion to exercise control over the
rights to vote and acquisition or disposal of some or all of the securities
of which ACC is the beneficial owner
Address(es) of substantial security holder(s): ACC : Vogel Centre, 19 Aitken
Street, PO Box 242, Wellington 6140
Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required
to give, a disclosure under the Act in relation to the securities to which
this disclosure relates: n/a


I, Blair Tallott declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the
information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.
End CA:00229349 For:EBO    Type:SSH        Time:2012-11-05 16:15:49
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