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GENERAL: TUR: Update on Psa-V in Kerikeri

26 Oct 2012 13:30NZX
26 October 2012

Update on Psa-V in Kerikeri

Today, Turners & Growers has started the removal of all male ''baker graft''
kiwifruit vines in response to the recent positive result of the bacterial
vine disease Psa-V in a Kerikeri orchard.

Psa-V was detected on a single male ''baker graft'' vine in an orchard owned by
Turners & Growers and immediate contingency plans were put in place. The
removal of the vines is being done under strict hygiene disposal compliance,
and continued testing is underway of surrounding vines - which have so far
returned negative results.

Turners & Growers manages a total of 130 hectares, comprising twenty orchards
in the Kerikeri area. The affected male ''baker graft'' is confined to one
hectare block within one orchard, and a quarantine area has been established
to mitigate any spread of the disease. Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) has also
set up a ''Kerikeri controlled area'' which includes 102 orchards in the

Learning from the experiences in the Bay of Plenty region, rigorous protocols
have been in place over the last two years and this early detection means the
situation can be effectively managed.  As the male ''baker grafts'' have proven
to be susceptible to Psa-V, all orchards in the Kerikeri region have decided
to remove their vines. Turners & Growers will remove approximately 20
hectares of the male ''baker graft'' vines.

Turners & Growers is working closely with other growers in the region and
also working with KVH to control the affected orchard and ensure extensive
monitoring and best practice management protocols.

Any queries can be directed to Kiwfruit Vine Health on 0800 665 825 or mobile
0275 019 666.
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