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SSH: STU: SSH (AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited) - Revised

12 Oct 2012 13:49NZX
Revised  - Disclosure of beginning to have substantial holding
Section 22, Securities Markets Act 1988
And: Steel & Tube Holdings Limited
Date this disclosure made:  11 October 2012
Substantial security holder(s) giving disclosure
Name(s): AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited
Contact details: Amelia Hamilton, 04 494 2110,
Date on which substantial security holder(s) began to have substantial
holding:   10 October 2012
Summary of substantial holding to which disclosure relates
Class of listed voting securities: Ordinary shares STU
Summary for: AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited
For this disclosure,--
(a) total number held in class: 4,528,266
(b) total in class: 88,427,240
(c) total percentage held in class: 5.121%
Details of relevant interests currently in substantial holding
Details for: AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited
Nature of relevant interest(s): Investment Manager and non-beneficial owner
of securities
For that relevant interest,--
(a) number held in class: 4,528,266
(b) percentage held in class: 5.121%
(c) current registered holder(s) of securities: see schedule one
(d) registered holder(s) of securities once transfers registered: not
Details of transactions and events giving rise to person beginning to have
substantial holding
Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure under the
instructions to this form:  a purchase of 4,528,266 shares on 10 October 2012

Additional information
Nature of connection between substantial security holders: AMP Capital
Investors (New Zealand) Limited is the Investment Manager for beneficial
owners of the STU shares (See schedule one attached).
Address(es) of substantial security holder(s): c/- Ground Floor, PWC
Building, 113-119 The Terrace, Wellington
Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required
to give, a disclosure under the Act in relation to the securities to which
this disclosure relates: not applicable
I, Amelia Hamilton, declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the
information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.
End CA:00228395 For:STU    Type:SSH        Time:2012-10-12 13:49:28
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