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MKTUPDTE: PEB: Pacific Edge Signs First Commercial Agreement in Singapore

01 Feb 2018 09:15NZX
1 February 2018

Pacific Edge Signs First Commercial Agreement in Singapore

Cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge Limited (NZX:PEB) has reached a
commercial agreement with Raffles Diagnostica Pte Ltd to offer its suite of
Cxbladder tests in Singapore.

Under the terms of the agreement, Raffles Diagnostica Pte Ltd, a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Raffles Medical Group (RMG) will coordinate the specimen
collection, shipping and reporting of Cxbladder tests for RMG urologists for
the detection and management of bladder cancer for Raffles'' patients in

This is the first commercial agreement to be signed by Pacific Edge in
Singapore, where the company has established a base for its investigation
into the opportunity for Cxbladder tests within South East Asia.  User
Programmes are currently being run in the majority of the large private
hospitals in the country and the focus remains on transitioning these into
commercial customers once these studies have concluded.

Raffles Medical Group is a leading integrated private healthcare provider in
Asia, operating medical facilities in 13 cities throughout Singapore, China,
Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia and caring for over 2 million patients and more
than 6,800 corporate clients each year. RMG is the only private medical
provider in Singapore to own and operate a fully integrated healthcare
organisation, which includes Raffles Hospital in Singapore.

CEO of Pacific Edge, David Darling, commented: "We are delighted to work with
the prestigious Raffles Medical Group in Singapore and whilst this is a
relatively small commercial proposition for Pacific Edge, it offers a
significant stepping stone into the Raffles Medical Group across South East
Asia. The region remains an exciting proposition for Pacific Edge with
approximately 9,500 urologists and an estimated 1.8 million potential tests."


For more information contact:

David Darling
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Edge Ltd
P: +64 (3) 479 5800

OVERVIEW www.pacificedge.co.nz www.pacificedgedx.com
Pacific Edge Limited (NZX: PEB) is a New Zealand publicly listed, cancer
diagnostic company specialising in the discovery and commercialisation of
diagnostic and prognostic tests for better detection and management of
cancer. Its Cxbladder suite of non-invasive, simple to use and accurate
diagnostic tests provide actionable results, and better detection and
management of urothelial cancer.

The company is developing and commercialising its range of Cxbladder bladder
cancer tests globally through its wholly owned central laboratories in New
Zealand and the USA. The company''s products have been tested and validated in
international multi-centre clinical studies.

ABOUT Cxbladder Triage www.cxbladder.com
Cxbladder Triage combines the power of the genomic biomarkers with additional
phenotypic and clinical risk factors to accurately identify patients with
haematuria who have a low probability of bladder cancer and may not require a
more extensive urological evaluation. Cxbladder Triage is a tool for use by
clinicians and physicians in primary evaluation of patients with haematuria
and is intended to reduce the need for an expensive and invasive work-up in
patients who have a low probability of having urothelial carcinoma.

ABOUT Cxbladder Detect www.cxbladder.com
Cxbladder Detect enables the non-invasive detection of bladder and other
urinary tract cancers from a small volume of a patients'' urine. Cxbladder
Detect provides clinicians with a quick, cost effective and accurate measure
of the presence of the cancer as an effective adjunct to cystoscopy.

ABOUT Cxbladder Monitor www.cxbladder.com
Cxbladder Monitor allows urologists to monitor bladder cancer patients for
recurrence of the disease. Bladder cancer has a recurrence rate of 50-80% and
requires life-long surveillance. Cxbladder Monitor accurately identifies
patients with a prior history of urothelial cancer (UC) whose Cxbladder
Monitor score shows that they have a low probability of recurrent urothelial
carcinoma. Cxbladder Monitor is designed to be used as the preferred adjunct
test to cystoscopy in the management of patients for ongoing evaluation of
recurrent bladder cancer.

ABOUT Cxbladder Resolve www.cxbladder.com
Cxbladder Resolve identifies those patients who are likely to have aggressive
or more advanced bladder cancer. Cxbladder Resolve, when used as part of the
primary evaluation of haematuria and/or in conjunction with other Cxbladder
tests (Triage, Detect), is designed to assist clinicians by accurately
identifying patients with a high probability of having high grade or late
stage bladder cancer, for whom alternative or expedited treatment options may
be warranted, or who can be prioritised for further investigation in high
throughput settings.

Refer to www.cxbladder.com for more information.
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