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MKTUPDTE: BLT: Blis Technologies Limited Update of the Company Performance

22 Jan 2018 08:31NZX
22 January 2018

Blis Technologies Limited Update of the Company Performance.

Third Quarter FY 2018, ending 31 December 2017.

Blis Technologies Limited announces the interim results (unaudited) for the
3rd quarter ending 31 December 2017. Revenue for the quarter was $1.6 m, with
a positive EBITDA of $0.2 m and a small net profit.

The 3rd quarter revenue was 6% up on the previous quarter and similar to the
same period last year.

Based on known and expected orders for the final quarter, we are forecasting
ongoing revenue recovery with double digit growth compared with the same
period last year, a positive EBITDA and a Net Profit for the quarter, however
this will not be sufficient to fully offset the EBITDA loss previously
reported for the first half year (HY 18 EBITDA deficit of $953,000 reported
on 27 October 2017).

Our revised full year guidance is for revenue in excess of $5 m and an EBITDA
loss that is expected to be less than $0.5 m.

Sales by the Company are subject to major fluctuations due to distributor
buying patterns which in any one quarter period can disguise the underlying
in market consumer sales growth being experienced for that period. We
continue to see in market year on year customer sales grow across our major
markets in Europe and the USA.

During the 3rd quarter the company has taken further measures to control its''
cost base focusing resources on growth generating initiatives. In conjunction
with this, plans are progressing well for new finished product market
opportunities for Australia, Canada and Internet based sales along with a
revised 2018 winter campaign for New Zealand pharmacies with our new
distribution partner Radiant Health.

For further information please contact Brian Watson, CEO: 027 7059133

Brian Watson
Chief Executive
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