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SHINTR: NZO: Conversion of Securities - Employee Share Ownership Plan

19 Jan 2018 13:32NZX
Announcement in terms of NZSX Listing Rule 7.12.9

Please be advised of the conversion of partly paid shares (held under the New
Zealand Oil & Gas Employee Share Ownership Plan) to fully paid shares as
follows.  This conversion will take place as a result of the paying up of
partly paid shares, and their transfer to OG Oil & Gas (Singapore) Pte Ltd
(OGOG), pursuant to the takeover offer by OGOG.
(a) Number and class of securities converted: 4,892,000 ordinary partly
paid shares converted to ordinary fully paid shares.
(b) Interest or dividend conditions attached to securities converted: No
special conditions. The ordinary fully paid shares will rank equally with the
existing ordinary shares on issue.
(c) Number of securities of the same class remaining to be converted:
3,428,000 partly paid ordinary shares. The fully paid ordinary shares now
number 164,420,718.

Paris Bree
Company Secretary
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