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GENERAL: PGW: Agria Corporation Media Reporting

12 Jan 2018 08:30NZX
It has been reported by various media sources in recent days that the
Overseas Investment Office (OIO) is investigating the "good character" status
of PGG Wrightson Limited''s (PGW) largest shareholder, Agria Corporation
(Agria) following its delisting from the New York Stock Exchange in early

PGW''s Committee of Independent Directors, Bruce Irvine, John Nichol and
Ronald Seah have reformed as a Committee to consider and assess the
implications of this reporting.  While the Committee has been aware that the
OIO was monitoring the matter and the US Securities and Exchange Commission''s
investigation of Agria there has been no formal notification to PGW that
Agria is currently subject to OIO investigation.  Accordingly, PGW yesterday
sought verification from the OIO in relation to these media reports.  In
response to these enquiries the OIO confirmed late yesterday that it is
undertaking investigations.

A spokesperson for Agria has also commented that it has always made full
disclosure to the OIO and will continue to assist the OIO with any inquiries.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Bruce Irvine said that the Committee would
continue to monitor matters and would update the market if there are any
material developments that may require disclosure and consideration by PGW

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