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TRANSACT: JWI: Just Water International Ltd investment in Hometech Ltd

22 Dec 2017 09:16NZX
Just Water International Ltd takes 51% stake in Hometech Ltd

Just Water has today entered into an agreement to purchase 51% of the shares
of Hometech as part of its new investment strategy.

Hometech is a 25-year-old New Zealand company dedicated to creating healthier

Of the 1.7 million homes in New Zealand, Hometech has made a positive
contribution to improving the lives of about 15% of them, through installing
better natural lighting, better ventilation and/or better heating.

"Healthy homes" is something that fits into Just Water''s mission of
"enhancing lives".

In the past year, Hometech had revenues of $18 million and a profit before
tax of $2 million.

Hometech (www.hometech.co.nz) was founded in 1992 by Paul Nielsen, who
remains in the business as Managing Director. Paul says, "we see immense
benefits joining forces with such a successful publicly-listed company, and
look forward to working with the management team at Just Water to further
enhance the business".

Just Water (www.justwater.co.nz) was founded in 1989 by Tony Falkenstein, who
will continue in his role as Chief Executive of Just Water, but take on the
responsibility of Chairman of Hometech. Tony says "Hometech has a similar
database and values as Just Water, and we see opportunities where we can
collaborate in the future".

The effective date of the investment is January 1st, 2018.

Tony Falkenstein
Just Water International Ltd

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