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SECISSUE: KPG: Allotment of securities - DRP

20 Dec 2017 11:23NZX
Pursuant to Listing Rule 7.12.1, Kiwi Property Group Limited gives notice as

(a) Class of security and ISIN: Fully paid ordinary shares. The ISIN is

(b) Number of securities issued: 2,830,564

(c) Issue price: $1.3572

(d) Payment: Cash

(e) Amount paid up: Fully paid

(f) Principal terms of the securities (other than for quoted securities):
Not applicable as quoted securities

(g) % of the total class of securities issued: 0.20% of the shares on
issue (including these new shares)

(h) Reason for issue: The shares were issued pursuant to the Dividend
Reinvestment Plan in respect of the interim dividend for the six month period
ended 30 September 2017 of 3.425 cents per share, payable 20 December 2017

(i) Specific authority for issue:  Dividend Reinvestment Plan terms and
Board resolutions dated 17 November 2017

(j) Terms or details of issue: The terms or details of the issue are
contained in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan terms dated 22 December 2014 (as
amended on 8 September 2017)

(k) Total number of securities of the class in existence after the issue:

(l) Treasury stock acquisition: Not applicable

(m) Date of issue: 20 December 2017

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Stuart Tabuteau
Chief Financial Officer
+64 9 359 4025
mobile +64 21 912 247

Gavin Parker
Chief Operating Officer
+64 9 359 4012
mobile +64 21 777 055


Kiwi Property (NZX: KPG) is the largest listed property company on the New
Zealand Stock Exchange and is a member of the S&P/NZX 15 Index.  We''ve been
around for more than 20 years and we proudly own and manage a $2.9 billion
portfolio of real estate, comprising some of New Zealand''s best shopping
centres and prime office buildings.  Our objective is to provide investors
with a reliable investment in New Zealand property by targeting superior
risk-adjusted returns over time through the ownership and active management
of a diversified, high-quality portfolio.  S&P Global Ratings has assigned
Kiwi Property a corporate credit rating of BBB (stable) and an issue credit
rating of BBB+ for each of its fixed rate senior secured bonds.  Kiwi
Property is licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.  To find out
more, visit our website
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