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MKTUPDTE: WKSHA: Downer awarded contract for Gruyere Gold project

20 Dec 2017 10:01NZX
20 December 2017


Downer EDI Limited (Downer) announced today that it had been awarded a five
year contract, valued at approximately $400 million, to provide mining
services at the Gruyere Gold Project.

The Gruyere Gold Project is a 50:50 joint venture between Gold Road Resources
Limited and Gold Fields Limited. It is located about 200 kilometres east of
Laverton in Western Australia.

The scope of work to be carried out by Downer includes:
? construction of haul roads, stockpiles and other infrastructure;
? drilling and blasting;
? loading and haulage of ore and waste;
? run of mine feed; and
? technical services.

Downer is scheduled to commence construction of infrastructure in early 2018,
while mining is scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of the 2018
calendar year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Downer, Grant Fenn, said Downer was a leading
provider of mining services in Australia.
"Downer is very pleased to have been awarded this contract and we look
forward to working closely with the Gruyere Gold Project team to help them
develop this new mine safely and successfully," Mr Fenn said.

"It will also build on our extensive operations in Western Australia, which
includes providing mining services at the nearby Sunrise Dam gold mine as
well as at Roy Hill, Cape Preston and Karara iron ore mines."

About Downer
Downer EDI Limited (Downer) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange
and the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Downer also owns 88% of Spotless Group
Holdings Limited. Downer employs over 56,000 people across more than 300
sites, primarily in Australia and New Zealand but also in the Asia-Pacific
region, South America and Southern Africa. We build strong relationships of
trust with our customers, truly understanding and predicting their needs and
bringing them world leading insights and solutions. For more on Downer,
visit: www.downergroup.com.

For further information please contact:
Michael Sharp, Group Head of Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations
+61 439 470 145
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