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GENERAL: IKE: IKE Wins Largest Communications Company in Canada

19 Dec 2017 08:45NZX
IKE Wins Largest Communications Company in Canada - Roll out follows other
major U.S. fiber and utility customer wins in Q3

IKE advises that it has won a material deployment of the IKE4 platform into
Bell Canada, Canada''s largest communications company with network operations
spanning the country.

The headlines are:
- A first phase deployment of the IKE4 system supporting fiber to the
home (FTTH) network design and deployment.
- Revenue from this first phase order will be approximately $0.2M.
- IKE recently upgraded its FY18 IKE4 guidance from 40% to 70% YoY
growth, or from approximately 300 to 360 IKE system sales in the year ending
March 2018.  This equated to an approximately $1m revenue upgrade.
- IKE has received orders for approximately 330 IKE4 systems YTD.
Should various pipeline deals conclude through Q4 FY18 then IKE expects that
full year volumes could materially exceed 360.

IKE CEO Glenn Milnes commented, "Bell Canada represents the largest
communications group operating in Canada.  Established in 1880, it today has
approximately 50,000 staff and network operations nationwide supporting
fixed, mobile, digital television and fiber services.  We are pleased to be
deploying our cloud-based pole system into one of their regional fiber
engineering business units, where if certain success metrics are further
proven out there is potential for follow-on sales opportunities into wider
parts of their business through FY19."

"As stated in prior announcements, the initial IKE4 sales process takes
patient account management to move these large infrastructure businesses from
historic work practices to the IKE technology solution to manage their
critical infrastructure.  In this case, Bell Canada conducted a pilot over
the past six months.  They moved forward with this first phase order because
with IKE4 they can speed the FTTH design process and deploy their fiber
network faster.  This sale is on the back of winning a first phase deployment
for 112 IKE systems, representing approximately $1.3m revenue in FY18, into
one of the largest communications companies in the U.S. market who also
standardized on IKE4 to materially speed up the deployment of their network."

Milnes added "We expect the sales profile for IKE4 to remain lumpy, however
advances with other target account customers in the North American market
provides us with confidence for the potential to win more larger scale
deployments.  IKE4 is the biggest contributor to our FY18 financial targets
for revenue growth and to progress to cash breakeven operation.  We continue
to project that these core metrics will be met."

Further detail
IKE seeks to be the data standard for collecting, managing and analysing pole
and overhead asset information for electric utilities, communications
companies and their engineering service providers.  IKE''s target accounts are
defined as larger enterprise sales opportunities estimated to each have the
potential to generate greater than $1M revenue.

Contact: Glenn Milnes, CEO, +1 720-418-1936,
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