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SHINTR: IFT: SPH Notice - The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

11 Dec 2017 08:30NZX
Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding

Section 279, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

To New Zealand Stock Exchange and Australian Stock Exchange

To Infratil Limited

Date this disclosure made: 08 December 2017

Date last disclosure made: 17 January 2014

Date on which substantial holding ceased: 7 December 2017

Substantial product holder(s) giving disclosure
Full name(s): The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

Summary of previous substantial holding
Class of quoted voting products: Ordinary Shares (IFT)

Summary for The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

For last disclosure,--
(a) total number held in class: 30,423,179
(b) total in class: 561,566,011
(c) total percentage held in class: 5.4175%

For current holding after ceasing to have substantial holding,--
(a) total number held in class: 26,084,264
(b) total in class: 560,053,166
(c) total percentage held in class: 4.6574%

Details of transactions and events giving rise to ceasing of substantial

Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure: On 7
December 2017, a total of 3,001,376 shares were sold on-market. See details
On 07 December 2017, 3,020,373 shares were sold at NZD 3.32 per share.

On 07 December 2017, 18,997 shares were bought at NZD 3.31 per share.

Additional information

Address(es) of substantial product holder(s): 333 South Hope Street, 55th
Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90071, USA
Contact details: , Telephone #: ++213.615.0469, E-mail:


I, Elle Wenz, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the
information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.
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